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Nag, Joyeeta
Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy, May 2011

Research Information

Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy, May 2011


Ph.D. Dissertation
Phase Transitions in Vanadium Dioxide: New Physics Insights and Application to Optically Resonant Structures

Ph.D. Committee
Richard Haglund
Leonard Feldman
Sokrates Pantelides
Akunuri Ramayya
Sharon Weiss


Selected Publications

Ultrafast compact silicon-based ring resonator modulators using metal-insulator switching of vanadium dioxide

. Nag, J; Ryckman, JD; Hertkorn, MT; Choi, BK; Haglund, RF; Weiss, SM, PROCEEDINGS - SPIE, 7597, 759710 , (2010)

Synthesis of vanadium dioxide thin films and nanoparticles. Nag, J; Haglund, RF, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 20, 264016 , (2008)

Vanderbilt University