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McFadden, Ian
Interdisciplinary Materials Science

Research Information

Graduate Student, Interdisciplinary Materials Science


Project Title
Folate-Targeted Proteolytic Nanoparticles for Effective and Selective Delivery to Solid Tumors

Research Area
My research involves the synthesis, characterization and application of multiply-functionalized nanoparticles designed to deliver attached payloads into tumor cells. Selectively targeting malignant cells while sparing normal tissues is imperative in improving patient survival and outcomes in response to chemotherapy. I hypothesize that nanoparticles targeting enzymatic activity in the unique tumor microenvironment as well as tumor cell surface proteins that mediate internalization can effectively and selectively deliver diagnostic and therapeutic molecules into malignant tumor cells.

Ph.D. Thesis Advisors
Todd Giorgio (Biomedical Engineering & Dr. Oliver McIntyre (Cancer Biology)



Vanderbilt University