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Lawrie, Benjamin
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Materials Science, August 2011

Research Information

Ph.D. Dissertation
Plasmon-Exciton Coupling Dynamics in Metal-ZnO Nanostructures

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor
Richard Haglund

Ph.D. Committee
David Cliffel
Shane Hutson
Kalman Varga
Richard Mu


Selected Publications

Coupling of photoluminescent centers in ZnO to localized and propagating surface plasmons. Haglund, RF; Lawrie, BJ; Mu, R, THIN SOLID FILMS, 518, 4637-4643 , (2010)

Enhancement of ZnO photoluminescence by localized and propagating surface plasmons. Lawrie, BJ; Haglund, RF; Mu, R, OPTICS EXPRESS, 17, 2565-2572 , (2009)

Vanderbilt University