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Crochet, Jared
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Materials Science, December 2007

Research Information

Ph.D. Dissertation
Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Ensembles

Ph.D. Advisor
Tobias Hertel, Physics

Committee Members
Richard Haglund, Physics
Sandra Rosenthal, Chemistry
Kalman Varga, Physics
Sharon Weiss, Electrical Engineering


Abstract. A study on the dynamics and nature of the processes leading to the redistribution of energy and charge after photoexcitation of single-wall carbon nanotubes is presented. Ultrafast as well continuous wave spectroscopies are used to probe the coupling of charge carriers to vibrational and electronic degrees of freedom. Advances in the preparation of high quality nearly monodisperse samples allows for reduction of ambiguities and for proper characterization of spectral features. Additionally, nanotubes are found to present a model system for the exploration of the transition from molecular to bulk like behavior in aromatic systems. The results of this dissertation are of great relevance for the interpretation of the microscopic mechanisms involved in the relaxation of charge carriers in one dimension and open up new opportunities for the application of carbon nanotubes in optics and electronics.

Selected Publications

Pump-probe spectroscopy of exciton dynamics in (6,5) carbon nanotubes. Zhu, ZP; Crochet, J; Arnold, MS; Hersam, MC; Ulbricht, H; Resasco, D; Hertel, T, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 111(10), 3831-3835 , (2007)

Exciton dynamics probed in carbon nanotube suspensions with narrow diameter distribution. Hertel, T; Zhu, ZP; Crochet, J; McPheeters, C; Ulbricht, H; Resasco, D, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC SOLID STATE PHYSICS, 243(13), 3186-3191 , (2006)

Vanderbilt University