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Ciesielski, Peter
Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Materials Science, August 2010

Research Information

Ph.D. Dissertation
Photosystem I-Based Systems for Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion

Ph.D. Advisors

G. Kane Jennings and David Cliffel

Ph.D. Committee Members
Paul Laibinis
Norman Tolk
Sharon Weiss


Research Highlight from Nature Nanotechnology

Top down Bottom up: Power from proteins
Introduction. An interdisciplinary team has improved the performance of protein-based photovoltaic devices with a new kind of electrode.  FULL ARTICLE

Selected Publications

Enhanced Photocurrent Production by Photosystem I Multilayer Assemblies. Ciesielski, PN; Faulkner, CJ; Irwin, MT; Gregory, JM; Tolk, NH; Cliffel, DE; Jennings, GK, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, 20, 4048-4054 , (2010)

Photosystem I - Based biohybrid photoelectrochemical cells. Ciesielski, PN; Hijazi, FM; Scott, AM; Faulkner, CJ; Beard, L; Emmett, K; Rosenthal, SJ; Cliffel, D; Jennings, GK, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 101, 3047-3053 , (2010)

Functionalized Nanoporous Gold Leaf Electrode Films for the Immobilization of Photosystem I. Ciesielski, PN; Scott, AM; Faulkner, CJ; Berron, BJ; Cliffel, DE; Jennings, GK, ACS NANO, 2, 2465-2472 , (2008)

Rapid assembly of photosystem I monolayers on gold electrodes. Faulkner, CJ; Lees, S; Ciesielski, PN; Cliffel, DE; Jennings, GK, LANGMUIR, 24, 8409-8412 , (2008)

Vanderbilt University