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Fauchet, Philippe
Dean, School of Engineering
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research Information

Dean Fauchet's current research interests are in photonics, energy, and the semiconductor/biology interface, all using silicon-based nanoscience and nanotechnology. His group is involved in multidisciplinary projects including silicon-based light sources and lasers; silicon photonic bandgap structures for optical modulation and switching; intra-chip optical interconnects; materials science and fundamental physics of nanoscale silicon objects; electrical and optical silicon-based biosensors; in-vitro and in-vivo cell growth on nanostructured silicon; silicon nanomembranes for particle separation; betavoltaic and photovoltaic applications of nanostructured silicon. In the past, he has also worked on ultrafast phenomena in semiconductors, superconductors, and polymers, ultrafast optoelectronics, optical characterization of semiconductors, and laser-solid interactions.

Phone: 615-322-0720
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Vanderbilt University