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Edd, Jon
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research Information

Our overall mission is to study practically important intersections of the thermal sciences with biomedicine and biotechnology using experimental and numerical methods. The primary focus is on fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and phase change thermodynamics as related with cellular biology. Specific applications include improved cryopreservation of cells, continuous size-based microparticle and cell separations, & lab-on-chip devices for control of single cells.

Selected Publications

Concentration of glycerol in aqueous microdroplets by selective removal of water. Bajpayee, A; Edd, JF; Chang, A; Toner, M, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 82, 1288-1291 , (2010)

Differential effect of three-repeat of four-repeat tau on mitrochondrial axonal transport. Stoothoff, W; Jones, PB; Spires-Jones, TL; Joyner, D; Chhabra, E; Bercury, K; Fan, ZY; Xie, H; Bacskai, B; Edd, J; Irimia, D; Hyman, BT, JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, 111, 417-427 , (2009)

Differential inertial focusing of particles in curved low-aspect ratio microchannels. Russom, A; Gupta, AK; Nagrath, S; Di Carlo, D; Edd, JF; Toner, M, NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 11, 075025 , (2009)

Nucleation and solidification in static arrays of monodisperse drops. Edd, JF; Humphry, KJ; Irimia, D; Weitz, DA; Toner, M, LAB ON A CHIP, 9, 1859-1865 , (2009)

Particle segregation and dynamics in confined flows. Di Carlo, D; Edd, JF; Humphry, KJ; Stone, HA; Toner, M, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 102, 094503 , (2009)

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