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Valentine, Jason
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research Information

We are a team of researchers interested in understanding how nanoscale structuring can be used to engineer a material's optical properties. We are focused on using this understanding to develop novel materials for applications such as communications, imaging, active devices, photonic circuitry, and solar energy conversion.

Selected Publications

Plasmonic Luneburg and Eaton lenses. Zentgraf, T; Liu, Y; Mikkelsen, M; Valentine, J; Zhang, X, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 6, 151-155 , (2011)

An optical "Janus" device for integrated photonics
. Zentgraf, T; Valentine, J; Tapia, N; Li, JS; Zhang, XA, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 22, 2561-2564 , (2010)

Time-resolved single-step protease activity quantification using nanoplasmonic resonator sensors
. Sun, C; Su, KH; Valentine, J; Rose-Bauza, YT; Ellman, JA; Elboudwarej, O; Mukherjee, B; Craik, CS; Shuman, MA; Chen, FF; Zhang, X, ACS NANO, 4, 978-984 , (2010)

An optical cloak made of dielectrics
. Valentine, J; Li, JS; Zentgraf, T; Bartal, G; Zhang, X, NATURE MATERIALS, 8, 568-571 , (2009)

Three-dimensional optical metamaterial with a negative refractive index. Valentine, J; Zhang, S; Zentgraf, T; Ulin-Avila, E; Genov, DA; Bartal, G; Zhang, X, NATURE, 455, 376-U32 , (2008)

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