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Bolotin, Kirill
Assistant Professor of Physics
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research Information

In the Bolotin group we study electrical and mechanical properties of nanoscale materials. We are particularly interested in graphene, a recently discovered two-dimensional form of carbon.

We probe electrons in graphene, which happen to behave just like zero-mass relativistic particles, via electrical transport measurements. We also explore mechanical properties of graphene, both the toughest and the lightest material in existence, using MHz-frequency electromechanical resonators fabricated out of individual graphene sheets. Finally, we are interested in applications of nanomaterials and collaborate with Graphene Laboratories Inc, a start-up company, towards developing fu
nctional graphene membranes.


Selected Publications

Observation of Graphene Bubbles and Effective Mass Transport under Graphene Films. Stolyarova, E; Stolyarov, D; Bolotin, K; Ryu, S; Liu, L; Rim, KT; Klima, M; Hybertsen, M; Pogorelsky, I; Pavlishin, I; Kusche, K; Hone, J; Kim, P; Stormer, HL; Yakimenko, V; Flynn, G, NANO LETTERS, 9, 332-337 , (2009)

Observation of the fractional quantum Hall effect in graphene. Bolotin, KI; Ghahari, F; Shulman, MD; Stormer, HL; Kim, P, NATURE, 462, 196-199 , (2009)

Performance of monolayer graphene nanomechanical resonators with electrical readout. Chen, CY; Rosenblatt, S; Bolotin, KI; Kalb, W; Kim, P; Kymissis, I; Stormer, HL; Heinz, TF; Hone, J, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 4, 861-867 , (2009)

Measurement of discrete energy-level spectra in individual chemically synthesized gold nanoparticles
. Kuemmeth, F; Bolotin, KI; Shi, SF; Ralph, DC, NANO LETTERS, 8, 4506-4512 , (2008)

Temperature-dependent transport in suspended graphene. Bolotin, KI; Sikes, KJ; Hone, J; Stormer, HL; Kim, P, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 101, 096802 , (2008)

Ultrahigh electron mobility in suspended graphene. Bolotin, KI; Sikes, KJ; Jiang, Z; Klima, M; Fudenberg, G; Hone, J; Kim, P; Stormer, HL, SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, 146, 351-355 , (2008)

Imaging electromigration during the formation of break junctions. Taychatanapat, T; Bolotin, KI; Kuemmeth, F; Ralph, DC, NANO LETTERS, 7, 652-656 , (2007)

Measurement of scattering rate and minimum conductivity in graphene. Tan, YW; Zhang, Y; Bolotin, K; Zhao, Y; Adam, S; Hwang, EH; Das Sarma, S; Stormer, HL; Kim, P, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 99, 246803 , (2007)

Temperature dependence of anisotropic magnetoresistance and atomic rearrangements in ferromagnetic metal break junctions
. Shi, SF; Bolotin, KI; Kuemmeth, F; Ralph, DC, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 76, 184438 , (2007)

Anisotropic magnetoresistance and anisotropic tunneling magnetoresistance due to quantum interference in ferromagnetic metal break junctions. Bolotin, KI; Kuemmeth, F; Ralph, DC, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 97, 127202 , (2006)

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