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Bolotin, Kirill
Assistant Professor of Physics

Research Information

In the Bolotin group we study electrical and mechanical properties of nanoscale materials. We are particularly interested in graphene, a recently discovered two-dimensional form of carbon.

We probe electrons in graphene, which happen to behave just like zero-mass relativistic particles, via electrical transport measurements. We also explore mechanical properties of graphene, both the toughest and the lightest material in existence, using MHz-frequency electromechanical resonators fabricated out of individual graphene sheets. Finally, we are interested in applications of nanomaterials and collaborate with Graphene Laboratories Inc, a start-up company, towards developing fu
nctional graphene membranes.


Selected Publications

Observation of Graphene Bubbles and Effective Mass Transport under Graphene Films. Stolyarova, E; Stolyarov, D; Bolotin, K; Ryu, S; Liu, L; Rim, KT; Klima, M; Hybertsen, M; Pogorelsky, I; Pavlishin, I; Kusche, K; Hone, J; Kim, P; Stormer, HL; Yakimenko, V; Flynn, G, NANO LETTERS, 9, 332-337 , (2009)

Observation of the fractional quantum Hall effect in graphene. Bolotin, KI; Ghahari, F; Shulman, MD; Stormer, HL; Kim, P, NATURE, 462, 196-199 , (2009)

Performance of monolayer graphene nanomechanical resonators with electrical readout. Chen, CY; Rosenblatt, S; Bolotin, KI; Kalb, W; Kim, P; Kymissis, I; Stormer, HL; Heinz, TF; Hone, J, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 4, 861-867 , (2009)

Measurement of discrete energy-level spectra in individual chemically synthesized gold nanoparticles
. Kuemmeth, F; Bolotin, KI; Shi, SF; Ralph, DC, NANO LETTERS, 8, 4506-4512 , (2008)

Temperature-dependent transport in suspended graphene. Bolotin, KI; Sikes, KJ; Hone, J; Stormer, HL; Kim, P, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 101, 096802 , (2008)

Ultrahigh electron mobility in suspended graphene. Bolotin, KI; Sikes, KJ; Jiang, Z; Klima, M; Fudenberg, G; Hone, J; Kim, P; Stormer, HL, SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, 146, 351-355 , (2008)

Imaging electromigration during the formation of break junctions. Taychatanapat, T; Bolotin, KI; Kuemmeth, F; Ralph, DC, NANO LETTERS, 7, 652-656 , (2007)

Measurement of scattering rate and minimum conductivity in graphene. Tan, YW; Zhang, Y; Bolotin, K; Zhao, Y; Adam, S; Hwang, EH; Das Sarma, S; Stormer, HL; Kim, P, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 99, 246803 , (2007)

Temperature dependence of anisotropic magnetoresistance and atomic rearrangements in ferromagnetic metal break junctions
. Shi, SF; Bolotin, KI; Kuemmeth, F; Ralph, DC, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 76, 184438 , (2007)

Anisotropic magnetoresistance and anisotropic tunneling magnetoresistance due to quantum interference in ferromagnetic metal break junctions. Bolotin, KI; Kuemmeth, F; Ralph, DC, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 97, 127202 , (2006)

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