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Levan, M. Douglas
J. Lawrence Wilson Professor of Engineering
Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research Information

Doug’s group creates new nanoporous materials for use as adsorbents.  These are of two types – carbon silica composites (CSCs), which have a mesoporous silica phase impregnated with a nanoporous carbon phase, and metal organic frameworks (MOFs), which consist of metal ions coordinated to organic linkers to form large organized nanoporous assemblies.  The group synthesizes the new materials, characterizes them physically and chemically, and determines mass transfer and kinetic properties using novel frequency response methods developed by the group.

Selected Publications

Adsorption Equilibrium of Binary Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor on Zeolites 5A and 13X. Wang, Y; Levan, MD, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA, 55, 3189-3195 , (2010)

CO2/H2O Adsorption Equilibrium and Rates on Metal-Organic Frameworks: HKUST-1 and Ni/DOBDC. Liu, J; Wang, Y; Benin, AI; Jakubczak, P; Willis, RR; LeVan, MD, LANGMUIR, 26, 14301-14307 , (2010)

Henry's law constants and isosteric heats of adsorption at zero loading for multi-wall carbon surfaces with different geometries. Liu, J; LeVan, MD, CARBON, 48, 3454-3462 , (2010)

Temperature swing adsorption compression: Effects of nonuniform heating on bed efficiency. Moate, JR; LeVan, MD, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, 30, 658-663 , (2010)

Adsorption Equilibrium of Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor on Zeolites 5A and 13X and Silica Gel: Pure Components. Wang, Y; Levan, MD, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA, 54, 2839-2844 , (2009)

Carbon-silica composite adsorbent: Sensitivity to synthesis conditions. Glover, TG; LeVan, MD, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 118, 21-27 , (2009)

Fixed-bed adsorption with nonplug flow: Perturbation solution for constant pattern behavior. Moate, JR; Levan, MD, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 64, 1178-1184 , (2009)

Isosteric heats of adsorption in the Henry's law region for carbon single wall cylindrical nanopores and spherical nanocavities. Liu, J; Levan, MD, CARBON, 47, 3415-3423 , (2009)

Screening of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas Using a Combined Experimental and Modeling Approach. Yazaydin, AO; Snurr, RQ; Park, TH; Koh, K; Liu, J; LeVan, MD; Benin, AI; Jakubczak, P; Lanuza, M; Galloway, DB; Low, JJ; Willis, RR, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 131, 18198-+ , (2009)

Carbon-silica composite adsorbent: Characterization and adsorption of light gases. Glover, TG; Dunne, KI; Davis, RJ; Levan, MD, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, 111, 1-11 , (2008)

Diffusion of Condensable Vapors in Single Adsorbent Particles Measured via Concentration-Swing Frequency Response. Glover, TG; Wang, Y; Levan, MD, LANGMUIR, 24, 13406-13413 , (2008)

Mixture diffusion in nanoporous adsorbents: Equivalence of Fickian and Maxwell-Stefan approaches. Wang, Y; LeVan, MD, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 112, 8600-8604 , (2008)

Nanopore diffusion rates for adsorption determined by pressure-swing and concentration-swing frequency response and comparison with darken's equation. Wang, Y; Levan, MD, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, 47, 3121-3128 , (2008)

Sensitivity analysis of adsorption bed behavior: Examination of pulse inputs and layered-bed optimization. Glover, TG; LeVan, MD, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 63, 2086-2098 , (2008)

The theoretical maximum isosteric heat of adsorption in the Henry's law region for slit-shaped carbon nanopores. Schindler, BJ; Levan, MD, CARBON, 46, 644-648 , (2008)

Transition to Henry's law in ultra-low concentration adsorption equilibrium for n-pentane on BPL activated carbon. Schindler, BJ; Buettner, LC; Levan, MD, CARBON, 46, 1285-1293 , (2008)

Mixture diffusion in nanoporous adsorbents: Development of Fickian flux relationship and concentration-swing frequency response method. Wang, Y; LeVan, MD, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, 46, 2141-2154 , (2007)

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