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Sanchez, Florence
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Information

Professor Sanchez specializes in mass transfer in porous media coupled with chemical reactions for environmental systems and material aging. Prior to joining Vanderbilt, she served as Assistant Professor of Energy and Environmental Engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon (France).

Selected Publications

Atomic-scale computational modeling of cement and concrete. Sanchez, F, AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY BULLETIN, 89, 28-30 , (2010)

Evaluating the Fate of Metals in Air Pollution Control Residues from Coal-Fired Power Plants. Thorneloe, SA; Kosson, DS; Sanchez, F; Garrabrants, AC; Helms, G, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 44, 7351-7356 , (2010)

Interaction energies, structure, and dynamics at functionalized graphitic structure-liquid phase interfaces in an aqueous calcium sulfate solution by molecular dynamics simulation. Sanchez, F; Zhang, L, CARBON, 48, 1210-1223 , (2010)

Multi-scale performance of carbon microfiber reinforced cement-based composites exposed to a decalcifying environment. Sanchez, F; Borwankar, A, MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND PROCESSING, 527, 3151-3158 , (2010)

Nanotechnology in concrete - A review. Sanchez, F; Sobolev, K, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 24, 2060-2071 , (2010)

Performance of Carbon Nanofiber-Cement Composites with a High-Range Water Reducer. Gay, C; Sanchez, F, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, , 109-113 , (2010)

Leaching from granular cement-based materials during infiltration/wetting coupled with freezing and thawing. Sanchez, F; White, MKL; Hoang, A, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 90, 983-993 , (2009)

Microstructure and macroscopic properties of hybrid carbon nanofiber/silica fume cement composites. Sanchez, F; Ince, C, COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 69, 1310-1318 , (2009)

Molecular dynamics modeling of the interface between surface functionalized graphitic structures and calcium-silicate-hydrate: Interaction energies, structure, and dynamics. Sanchez, F; Zhang, L, JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 323, 349-358 , (2008)

Effects of progressive carbonation on heavy metal leaching from cement-bound waste. Van Gerven, T; Cornelis, G; Vandoren, E; Vandecasteele, C; Garrabrants, AC; Sanchez, F; Kosson, DS, AICHE JOURNAL, 52, 826-837 , (2006)

Effect of experimentally induced reducing conditions on the mobility of arsenic from a mining soil. Chatain, V; Sanchez, F; Bayard, W; Moszkowicz, P; Gourdon, R, JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 122, 119-128 , (2005)

Effect of indigenous bacterial activity on arsenic mobilization under anaerobic conditions. Chatain, V; Bayard, R; Sanchez, F; Moszkowicz, P; Gourdon, R, ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, 31, 221-226 , (2005)

Changes in constituent equilibrium leaching and pore water characteristics of a Portland cement mortar as a result of carbonation. Garrabrants, AC; Sanchez, F; Kosson, DS, WASTE MANAGEMENT, 24, 19-36 , (2004)

The effects of carbonation and drying during intermittent leaching on the release of inorganic constituents from a cement-based matrix. Gervais, C; Garrabrants, AC; Sanchez, F; Barna, R; Moszkowicz, P; Kosson, DS, CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH, 34, 119-131 , (2004)

Arsenic behavior in mining soil. Chatain, V; Sanchez, F; Bayard, R; Moszkowicz, P, JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV, 107, 289-292 , (2003)

Effects of intermittent wetting on concentration profiles and release from a cement-based waste matrix. Sanchez, F; Garrabrants, AC; Kosson, DS, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 20, 135-153 , (2003)

Environmental assessment of waste matrices contaminated with arsenic. Sanchez, F; Garrabrants, AC; Vandecasteele, C; Moszkowicz, P; Kosson, DS, JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 96, 229-257 , (2003)

Leaching model for a cement mortar exposed to intermittent wetting and drying. Garrabrants, AC; Sanchez, F; Kosson, DS, AICHE JOURNAL, 49, 1317-1333 , (2003)

Multi-regime transport model for leaching behavior of heterogeneous porous materials. Sanchez, F; Massry, IW; Eighmy, T; Kosson, DS, WASTE MANAGEMENT, 23, 219-224 , (2003)

An integrated framework for evaluating leaching in waste management and utilization of secondary materials. Kosson, DS; van der Sloot, HA; Sanchez, F; Garrabrants, AC, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 19, 159-204 , (2002)

Leaching of inorganic contaminants from cement-based waste materials as a result of carbonation during intermittent wetting. Sanchez, F; Gervais, C; Garrabrants, AC; Barna, R; Kosson, DS, WASTE MANAGEMENT, 22, 249-260 , (2002)

The effect of storage in an inert atmosphere on the release of inorganic constituents during intermittent wetting of a cement-based material. Garrabrants, AC; Sanchez, F; Gervais, C; Moszkowicz, P; Kosson, DS, JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 91, 159-185 , (2002)

Use of a new leaching test framework for evaluating alternative treatment processes for mercury-contaminated soils. Sanchez, F; Mattus, CH; Morris, MI; Kosson, DS, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 19, 251-269 , (2002)

Use of accelerated aging to predict behavior of recycled materials in concrete pavements - Physical and environmental comparison of laboratory-aged samples with field pavements. Eighmy, TT; Cook, RA; Gress, DL; Coviello, A; Spear, JCM; Hover, K; Pinto, R; Hobbs, S; Kosson, DS; Sanchez, F; van der Sloot, H; Korhonen, C; Simon, M, SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS IN TRANSPORTATION 2002, , 118-128 , (2002)

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