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Li, Deyu
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Research Information

Interests include:

  • Micro/Nano scale energy and molecular transport phenomena
  • Nanofabrication techniques
  • Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Micro/Nanofluidics

Selected Publications

A novel micro-fabricated thruster for drug release in remote controlled capsule. Pi, XT; Lin, YL; Wei, K; Liu, HY; Wang, G; Zheng, XL; Wen, ZY; Li, DY, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, 159, 227-232 , (2010)

Contact thermal resistance between individual multiwall carbon nanotubes. Yang, JK; Waltermire, S; Chen, YF; Zinn, AA; Xu, TT; Li, DY, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 96, 023109 , (2010)

Measurement of the volume growth rate of single budding yeast with the MOSFET-based microfluidic Coulter counter. Sun, JS; Stowers, CC; Boczko, EM; Li, DY, LAB ON A CHIP, 10, 2986-2993 , (2010)

Experimental characterization of electrical current leakage in poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic devices. Sun, JS; Vajandar, SK; Xu, DY; Kang, YJ; Hu, GQ; Li, DQ; Li, DY, MICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS, 6, 589-598 , (2009)

Field-Effect Control of Electroosmotic Pumping Using Porous Silicon-Silicon Nitride Membranes. Vajandar, SK; Xu, DY; Sun, JS; Markov, DA; Hofmeister, WH; Li, DY, JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, 18, 1173-1183 , (2009)

Ionic current through a nanopore three nanometers in diameter. Ge, YY; Xu, DY; Yang, JK; Chen, YF; Li, DY, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 80, 021918 , (2009)

Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal conductivity of nanocrystalline composite films. Roberts, NA; Walker, DG; Li, DY, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 52, 2002-2008 , (2009)

Temperature dependence of frictional force in carbon nanotube oscillators. Chen, YF; Yang, JK; Wang, XH; Ni, ZH; Li, DY, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 20, 035704 , (2009)

Water structures near charged (100) and (111) silicon surfaces. Xu, DY; Leng, YS; Chen, YF; Li, DY, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 94, 201901 , (2009)

Electroosmotic flow in nanotubes with high surface charge densities. Chen, YF; Ni, ZH; Wang, GM; Xu, DY; Li, DY, NANO LETTERS, 8, 42-48 , (2008)

Experimental characterization of a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor-based Coulter counter. Sridhar, M; Xu, DY; Kang, YJ; Hmelo, AB; Feldman, LC; Li, DQ; Li, DY, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 103, 104701 , (2008)

Interface effects on lattice thermal conductivities of superlattices. Chen, YF; Li, D; Yang, J; Wang, YJ; Hu, H, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND THEORETICAL NANOSCIENCE, 5, 157-164 , (2008)

Microfluidic differential resistive pulse sensors. Wu, XD; Kang, YJ; Wang, YN; Xu, DY; Li, DY; Li, DQ, ELECTROPHORESIS, 29, 2754-2759 , (2008)

On-chip counting the number and the percentage of CD4+T lymphocytes. Wang, YN; Kang, YJ; Xu, DY; Chon, CH; Barnett, L; Kalams, SA; Li, DY; Li, DQ, LAB ON A CHIP, 8, 309-315 , (2008)

Molecular dynamics simulations of ion distribution in nanochannels. Xu, D; Li, D; Leng, Y; Chen, Y, MOLECULAR SIMULATION, 33, 959-963 , (2007)

SiO2-coated porous anodic alumina membranes for high flow rate electroosmotic pumping. Vajandar, SK; Xu, DY; Markov, DA; Wikswo, JP; Hofmeister, W; Li, DY, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18, 275705 , (2007)

Wide-spectrum, ultrasensitive fluidic sensors with amplification from both fluidic circuits and metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors. Xu, D; Kang, Y; Sridhar, M; Hmelo, AB; Feldman, LC; Li, D; Li, D, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 91, 013901 , (2007)

Characterization of heat transfer along a silicon nanowire using thermoreflectance technique. Zhang, Y; Christofferson, J; Shakouri, A; Li, DY; Majumdar, A; Wu, YY; Fan, R; Yang, PD, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY, 5, 67-74 , (2006)

Hydrodynamic lubrication in nanoscale bearings under high shear velocity. Chen, YF; Li, DY; Jiang, K; Yang, JK; Wang, XH; Wang, YJ, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 125, 084702 , (2006)

Isotope effect on the thermal conductivity of boron nitride nanotubes. Chang, CW; Fennimore, AM; Afanasiev, A; Okawa, D; Ikuno, T; Garcia, H; Li, DY; Majumdar, A; Zettl, A, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 97, 085901 , (2006)

DNA translocation in inorganic nanotubes. Fan, R; Karnik, R; Yue, M, Li, D; Majumdar, A, Yang, P, NANO LETTERS, 5, 1633-1637 , (2005)

Electrostatic control of ions and molecules in nanofluidic transistors. Karnik, R; Fan, R; Yue, M; Li, D; Yang, P; Mujumar, A, NANO LETTERS, 5, 943-948 , (2005)

Minimum superlattice thermal conductivity from molecular dynamics. Chen, YF; Li, DY; Lukes, JR; Ni, ZH; Chen, MH, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 72, 174302 , (2005)

Monte Carlo simulation of silicon nanowire thermal conductivity. Chen, YF; Li, DY; Lukes, JR; Majumdar, A, JOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, 127, 1129-1137 , (2005)

Thermal conductance and thermopower of an individual single-wall carbon nanotube. Yu, CH; Shi, L; Yao, Z; Li, DY; Majumdar, A, NANO LETTERS, 5, 1842-1846 , (2005)

Thermal transport in nanostructured solid-state cooling devices. Li, DY; Huxtable, ST; Abramson, AR; Majumdar, A, JOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, 127, 108-114 , (2005)

Molecular dynamics study of the lattice thermal conductivity of Kr/Ar superlattice nanowires. Chen, Y; Li, D; Yang, J; Wu, Y; Lukes, JR; Majumdar, A, PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER, 349, 270-280 , (2004)

Thermal expansion and impurity effects on lattice thermal conductivity of solid argon. Chen, Y; Lukes, JR; Li, D; Yang, J; Wu, Y, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 120, 3841-3846 , (2004)

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