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October 21, 2002


**Keynote Speaker for 2002 Nano Forum

Dr. Harold Craighead
Applied and Engineering Physics & the Nanobiotechnology Center
Cornell University
"Nanofabricated Devices for Cellular and Molecular Analysis"

Abstract. We have used nanofabrication approaches to create a number of devices for cellular analysis and to fabricate systems for molecular separation and detection with improved speed or sensitivity.  These methods include the use of nanofluidic channels for single molecule counting and sizing.  Ultra small optical apertures, with diameters much less than the wavelength of light, have been used to isolate individual molecules for observation of single enzyme activity.  The integration of optics and electronics with microfluidics has also been used to improve the integration of chip-based separations with optical and mass spectrometric analysis.  For example, we have integrated planar optical waveguides on a chip for fluorescent excitation in microchannels.   This talk will review the developing uses of surface chemical patterning, miniaturization and microfabrication in biologically related applications.

Vanderbilt University