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8th Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum - Poster Winners

This years Nano Forum was a success, there were a total for 38 posters submitted for the Nanoscience Poster Competition.  Listed below are the awardees for the top posters submitted to the 2007 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum. Please congratulate these students for their outstanding presentations.

1st Place - Eugene Donev - Physics
Advisor: Richard Haglund and Leonard Feldman
"Modulation of the Gold Particle Plasmon by the Metal-insulator Transition of Vanadium Dioxide"

2nd Place - T. Grant Glover - Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Douglas LeVan
"Development of a Molecularly Engineered Nanoporous Carbon Adsorbent"

3rd Place - Drew Steigerwald - Physics (Fisk University)
Advisor: Richard Mu
"Angle-resolved Spatial and Compositional Variations in Pulsed Electron-beam Deposited Thin Films"

Vanderbilt University