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VINSE Summer NanoSeminar

2014 VINSE Summer NanoSeminar
Organized by: J. Scott Niezgoda

A seminar series in VINSE, 9 amazingly interesting seminars have been scheduled for this summer.  During each seminar, two students/post-docs from different research groups will talk about their projects dealing with nanofabrication and science/technology as related to it. The focus of the seminar is to present potentially high impact research that is currently in progress/unfinished. We expect the seminars to promote lively discussions, interdisciplinary collaborations between multiple groups, and exchange of technical expertise.  And, most importantly, there will be FREE FOOD. 

May 30 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Noah Orfield (Rosenthal group), "Correlated Atomic Structure and Photoluminescence of Individual Quantum Dots Reveals a Promising Outlook for the Future of Rational QD Design"
Mukesh Gupta (Duvall Group), "ABC Triblock Polymer-based Thermo-Responsive Hydrogels with ROS-Triggered Degradation and Drug Release"    

June 6 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Will Erwin (Bardhan group), "Surface engineered porous silicon counter electrodes for high efficiency dye--sensitized solar cell counter electrodes"
Shuren Hu (Weiss group), "General design proposals for 1D photonic crystal nanobeams"

June 20 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Christina McGahan (Haglund group), “TBD
Joe Keene (Rosenthal group), “Quasi--type--II band structure in graded CdSxSe1--x nanocrystals revealed by ultrafast fluorescence Upconversion spectroscopy”

June 27 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Lucas Hofmeister (Sung group), “Liposomal targeting to atheroprone vasculature”
Andrew Westover (Pint group), “Multifunctional load bearing energy storage materials"

July 11 – 5312 Stevenson Center – noon
Shane Finn (Macdonald group), "Understanding and Improving Petaled MoS2 as a Versatile Electrocatalyst"
Brian Evans (Duvall group), “Electrostatically-complexed, pH-responsive nanoparticles as a platform for intracellular peptide delivery” 

July 18 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Christoph Klein (Cummings/McCabe group), "The role of hydration lubrication in zwitterionic polymer brushes"
Jana Black (Cummings/McCabe group), "Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Study of Thin Film Based Nanoscale Lubrication Schemes"

July 25 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Dhiraj Prasai
(Bolotin group), "Tuning 2D and 0D electro optical systems"
Wenyi Wang (Valentine group), “Fano-resonant graphene photodetector exhibiting enhanced absorption”

August 1 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Bob Marvel
(Haglund group), "Influence of size on the VO2 ultra fast phase transition"
Wei Li, (Valentine group), "Metamaterial perfect absorber-based hot electron photodetection"

August 8 – 5326 Stevenson Center – noon
Ryan Nicholl (Bolotin group), "From hard to soft condensed matter with graphene"
Yuanmu Yang (Valentine group), "High Quality Factor Fano-resonant All-Dielectric Metamaterials"



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