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November 20, 2013


Dr. Adam J. Rondinone
Catalysis Task Leader and
Industrial Liaison
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

“New capabilities in helium-ion microscopy for nanofabrication and microanalysis at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences”
4:10 pm, 5326 Stevenson Center
refreshments at 3:45

Abstract:  The Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) has recently installed the world’s first helium-ion microscope tailored specifically for nanofabrication, to include imaging, beam-induced deposition from gas-phase precursors using helium/neon beams, and TOF-SIMS microanalysis.  The technical advantages of using helium ions rather than electrons are clear – the ultra-short wavelength of ions compared to that of electrons of the same energy permits high resolution and high depth-of-field to be achieved simultaneously and, because the penetration depth of ions is 30 to 50x shorter than that for electrons, ion images are richer in surface detail.  This talk will present an overview of the technique, and include recent data for direct ion-milling of nanostructures from 2-D films such as single-layer graphene on SiO2.   Graphene is a potential replacement for silicon in microelectronics but still faces significant hurdles in implementation. The helium-ion microscope presents a route to direct fabrication of graphene-based electronic circuits, through high resolution milling of single continuous CVD-grown sheets.

Host: Anthony Hmelo



Vanderbilt University