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13th Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum - Poster Winners

Download File: nanoday_2012_winning_posters.pdf

Poster award winners at the 2012 NanoDay!
Please congratulate these students for their outstanding presentations.

1st Place
J. Scott Niezgoda
Advisor: Sandra Rosenthal
"The Incorporation of Plasmonic CuxInyS2 Quantum Dots into Solid State Photovoltaics: A Low Defect and Electrical Engineering-Driven Approach"

2nd Place
Dhiraj Prasai
Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Kirill Bolotin
"Gate Tunable Photoluminescence in single layer MoS2"

Kelsey Beavers
Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Craig Duvall & Sharon Weiss
"Fabrication and Functionalization of Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery"

3rd Place
Darlene Gunther
Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Kane Jennings
"Photosystem I on Transparent, Conductive Graphene Electrodes: Advances in Biohybrid Photovoltaics"

Judson Ryckman
Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Sharon Weiss
"Photothermal and nanosecond optical modulation of ultra-compact hybrid Si-VO2 ring resonators"

Guang Feng
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Advisor: Peter Cummings
"Unique Capacitive Behavior of Carbon Nanotube Based Supercapacitors"

1st Year Student Presentation on Research Rotation
Kristin Engerer
Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Richard Haglund
"Formation of Tungsten-Doped Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films through E-Beam Deposition"

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