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VINSE Booth at USA Science and Engineering Festival

Something Big from Something Small:
Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

by Vanderbilt University Hall B, Booth Number 2741-A

VINSE is making plans to participate in the 2nd annual USA Science and Engineering Festival to be held in Washington, DC on April 28-29. The festival is expected to draw over 500,000 people to showcase and celebrate science in the United States.  In addition to major science celebrities such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mayim Bialik from the Big Bang Theory ,and the stars from the TV Series Mythbusters; the event will feature over 3,000 interactive exhibits, more than 100 stage show, and 33 Author Presentations.

Visitors to the VINSE booth will explore how engineering materials at the nanoscale leads to exciting new properties with applications in energy, electronics, transportation, and medicine.  Students and parents alike will experience hands-on demonstrations with nanomaterials such as ferrofluid, aerogel, and quantum dots.  They will see how iron can flow like ink one minute, and then become as stiff steel the next.  They will experience glass that is lighter than a feather, but able to insulate against extreme cold and heat.  They will also see how changing the size of the same material causes it to emit different colors of light.

VINSE members Kelsey Beavers, Gabriel LeBlanc, Amy Ng, Sarah Satterwhite, and Travis Wade along with the VSVS Coordinator Pat Tellinghuisen will represent VINSE at this event.

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