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3rd Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum

3rd Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum
October 21-22, 2002

Schedule of Events October 21, 2002
Keynote Speaker –
Harold Craighead (Cornell University)
Applied and Engineering Physics & the Nanotechnology Center
Cornell University
”Nanofabricated Devices for Cellular and Molecular Analysis”

 Abstract. We have used nanofabrication approaches to create a number of devices for cellular analysis and to fabricate systems for molecular separation and detection with improved speed or sensitivity.  These methods include the use of nanofluidic channels for single molecule counting and sizing.  Ultra small optical apertures, with diameters much less than the wavelength of light, have been used to isolate individual molecules for observation of single enzyme activity.  The integration of optics and electronics with microfluidics has also been used to improve the integration of chip-based separations with optical and mass spectrometric analysis.  For example, we have integrated planar optical waveguides on a chip for fluorescent excitation in microchannels.   This talk will review the developing uses of surface chemical patterning, miniaturization and microfabrication in biologically related applications.

Schedule of Events October 22, 2002
8:45 Refreshments

9:00 Opening Comments – Leonard Feldman

9:10 Progress of the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Course – Kane Jennings

9:20 “Quantum Transport Through Nanoscale Thin Films” – Sokrates Pantelides

9:40 “VIRBE and the Cellular Instrumentation and Control Project” – John Wikswo

10:00 “Monitoring Metabolism in Subnanoliter Volumes” – Franz Baudenbacher

10:20 “Biomolecular Recognition Elements for Nanoparticle Assembly” – David Wright

10:40 Break

11:00 “Characterization of Nanostructure Advanced Magnetic Materials” – James Wittig

11:20 “Student and Sponsored Research with Applied Diamond Film Nanotechnology - a Synopsis for the Posters” – Jimmy Davidson

11:40 “Studies of Spin and Charge-carrier Dynamics in Nanostructured Systems using Tunable Ultrafast, High Intensity Laser Systems” – Norman Tolk

12:00 Lunch/Poster Viewing

2:00 “Computational Nanoscience” – Peter Cummings

2:20 “Carbon Nanotubes and Solidification of Polymers” – William Hofmeister

2:40 “Nano-thermal Transport” – Greg Walker

3:00 “Fluid 'Control' of Nanoscale Structure(s): Chaos, Mixing, and Transport in Laminar Flows” – Mark Stremler

3:20 “Modeling and Simulation on Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposites” – Kevin Tseng

3:40 Break

4:00 “Electron Transfer Rates Through Monolayer Coatings on Metal Nanoparticles” – David Cliffel

4:20 “Nanocrystal Composites for Linear and Nonlinear Optical Applications: a Progress Report” – Richard Haglund

4:40 “Atomic-Scale Modification of Surfaces to Catalyze and Direct the Growth of Highly Insulating Polymer Films” – Kane Jennings

5:00 “Fabricating Nanoscale Channels for Practical Nanofluidics: Approaches Using the Focused Ion Beam Microscope” – Anthony Hmelo

5:20 Poster Viewing

Poster Session

  1. “The Effect of Alloying and Process Conditions on the Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of CoCr(PtTa) Longitudinal Recording Media” Presented by: Jafar Al-Sharab
  2. “Growth and Characterization of Alumina Thin Films as an Alternate Gate Dielectric” Presented by: D. Crunkleton
  3. “Atomic Scale Control of the SiO2/SiC Interface” Presented by: Sarit Dhar
  4. “Design and Fabrication of Miniature Diamond Power Resistor” Presented by: Puteri Hamari
  5. “MEMS Implementation and Analysis in Diamond Films” Presented by: Kevin Holmes
  6. “Lateral Diamond Field Emission Diode” Presented by: Ahmad Jamaludin
  7. "Optical Second Harmonic Spectroscopy of Si Nanocrystals Embedded in SiO2” Presented by: Yingying Jiang
  8. “Adsorption of Photosystem I at Model Surfaces” Presented by: Helen Kincaid
  9. “Silica Precipitation Activity of the Biomimetic R5 Peptide of Diatoms” Presented by: Marc R. Knecht
  10. “Dispersion of Therapeutic Agents Via Magnetic Nanoparticles” Presented by: Sam Kuhn
  11. “Simulations of Molecular Electronics: Benzenedithiol on Au (111) Surfaces” Presented by: Yongsheng Leng
  12. “Molecular Modeling of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes” Presented by: Hung-Chih Li
  13. “Size Effects on the Structural Phase Transition in VO2 Nanocrystals” Presented by: Rene Lopez
  14. “Atomic Number Contrast Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (Z-STEM) of CdSe Nanocrystals and CdSe/ZnS Core/Shell Nanocrystals” Presented by: James McBride
  15. “Fabrication of Two-dimensional Nanostructures” Presented by: Matthew McMahon
  16. "Ultrafast Spin and Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Heterostructures Probed by Second Harmonic Generation” Presented by: Keith Miller
  17. “Simulation of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles” Presented by: Pavan K. Naicker
  18. “Electron Transfer Rates through the Thiol Monolayer on Metal Nanoclusters” Presented by: Rachel Patterson
  19. “Characterization of Carrier Injection and Recombination Processes at Semiconductor Interfaces Using Intense, Tunable, Ultra-fast Laser Techniques” Presented by: Robert Pasternak
  20. “Damped Oscillations in Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes” Presented by: Jose Rivera
  21. “Nanoscale Structure and Ordering of Submonolayer Pentacene Films on Reduced and Oxidized Si Surfaces” Presented by: Ricardo Ruiz
  22. "Time-dependent Electric Field-induced Second Harmonic Genereation of Si (100)/CdSe Nanocrystals Interfaces” Presented by: Laura Swafford
  23. “Diamond Edge Emitter for Field Emission Application” Presented by: Rohit Takalkar
  24. “Nanocrystalline Diamond Film for High Power Capacitors” Presented by: Patrick Taylor
  25. “Biological Labeling using Nanocrystals” Presented by: Ian Tomlinson
  26. “Local Vibrational Dynamics of Hydrogen-Related Defects in Silicon” Presented by: Trevor Wang
  27. “A Novel Carbon Nanotubes Based Chemical Gas Sensor for Hydrogen Detection” Presented by: Yong Wong
  28. “Biomolecular Recognition Elements for Nanoparticle Assembly” Presented by: Joseph Slocik
  29. “CVD Diamond Nanotips for Electrochemical Analysis” Presented by: Ka Leng Soh
  30. “Phase Equilibria and Layering Behavior Inside Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes” Presented by: Jose Rivera
  31. “Field Emitter Using Carbon Nanotubes Grown By Microwave Plasma Enhanced CVD” Presented by: Yong Wong

Vanderbilt University