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9th Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum - Poster Winners

This years Nano Forum was a success, there were a total for 33 posters submitted in the Nanoscience Poster Competition.  Listed below are the awardees for the top posters submitted to the 2008 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum. Please help us in congratulating these students for their outstanding presentations.

Third Place
Terence Musho, Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: Greg Walker
"Quantum Transport Properties in Nanocrystalline Composites for Thermoelectric Devices"

Second Place
Sameer Mahajan, Interdisciplinary Materials Science
Advisor: James Dickerson
"Transparent Luminescent Films of Rare Earth Sesquioxide (RE2O3) Nanocrystals via Electrophoretic Deposition"

First Place
Kevin Emmett, Chemistry
Advisor: Sandra Rosenthal
"A Quantum Dot Sensitized Solid-State Heterojunction Solar Cell"

Vanderbilt University