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11th Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum

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11th Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum
Wednesday, October 27
134 Featheringill Hall

Schedule of Events 

3:15 - 3:30      Nanofiber composite fuel cell membranes Peter Pintauro, Chemical Engineering

3:30 - 3:45     Engineering of "smart"  biomacromolecular therapeutics Craig Duvall, Biomedical Engineering

3:45 - 4:00     Micro to nanoscale biomaterials surface dynamics for control of cell fate Hak-Joon Sung, Biomedical Engineering

4:00 - 4:15     BREAK

4:15 - 4:30     Photothermal optical imaging of immunotargeted nanoparticles Melissa Skala, Biomedical Engineering

4:30 - 4:45     Direct imprinting of porous substrates: A rapid and low-cost approach for patterning porous nanomaterials Judson Ryckman, Graduate Student

4:45 - 5:00     Transforming optical space Jason Valentine, Mechanical Engineering

5:00 - 5:15     Quantum Dots, a new class of optical probes for studying neuronal network Qi Zhang, Pharmacology


6:30 - 6:40     Introduction to the Center for Nanophase Materials Science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Peter Cummings, Chemical Engineering

6:40 - 7:10     KEYNOTE SPEAKER  Mapping the diffusion and electrochemical reactivity on the nanoscale: A window in the battery and fuel cell operation Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

7:10 - 7:40     KEYNOTE SPEAKER Noise and funtion in complex nanoscale systems Michael Simpson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

7:40                CLOSING REMARKS

Kalinin Bio.  Dr. Sergei Kalinin is a senior research staff member at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (since 2002) and co-Theme leader for Scanning Probe Microscopy at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences at ORNL (since 2007), following Eugene P. Wigner fellow appointment at ORNL (2002-2004). He also holds affiliations as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (since 2006) and Adjunct Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University (since 2005). His research is focused on the studies of the interplay between ferroelectricity, transport, and surface chemistry in ferroelectric perovskites, energy storage materials, and molecular systems using Scanning Probe Microscopy.

Simpson Bio.   Dr. Michael L. Simpson is a Distinguished R&D Staff Member and the Group Leader of the Nanofabrication Research Laboratory in the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences. In addition, he is a Professor of Material Science and Engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). Simpson received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UTK in 1991 and joined the staff of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1992. He made key contributions to the introduction of custom integrated circuits to medium and high energy physics instrumentation before moving his research to the interfaces of engineering, physical sciences, and biology.  In this arena Simpson made important contributions to the use of nanotechnology to enable the transfer of information across the biological-synthetic device boundary and the development of a fundamental understanding of Noise Biology.  He has published more than 130 refereed journal papers, has been awarded 27 patents, and has presented numerous invited talks. Simpson is a Fellow of the IEEE and the AIMBE, a Battelle Memorial Institute Distinguished Inventor, and was named the UT-Battelle Distinguished Scientist of the year for 2009. He won the Kermit Fischer Environmental Award and was a finalist for a Discover Magazine Technology Innovation award in 1998, and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Nanomedicine and Biotherapeutic Discovery and the International Journal of Natural Computing Research.

Current Poster Submissions for 2010

1. "Diameter dependence of contact thermal resistance between individual carbon nanotubes" Juekuan Yang (Li)

2. "Electron-beam-induced current on nanocrystalline thin films photovoltaic devices" Amy Ng (Rosenthal)

3. "A computational study of the dynamic formation of Au-BDT-Au nanoelectronic junctions" William French (Cummings)

4. "Effect of chelate on uptake and biodistrubtion of 68Ga-labeled EGFR ligands in colorectal cancer" Matthew Hight (Manning)

5. "Single-nanocrystal spectroscopy of white-light emitting CdSe nanocrystals" Albert Dukes (Rosenthal)

6. "Organically wired gold monolayer [rotected clusters" Brian Turner (Cliffel)

7. "Thermal coefficient of shrinkage or how to measure thermal properties of atom-thin films using bimetallic cantilevers" Hiram Conley (Bolotin)

8. "The multistrata nanoparticle" Charleson Bell (Giorgio)

9. "Enhancement of Tb3+ luminescence by Ag nanoparticles in a silicate glass matrix" Patryk Piasecki (Pan/Morgan/Mu, Fisk)

10. "Patterned nanoporous gold as an effective SERS template" Yang Jiao (Weiss)

11. "Time-resolved magneto-optical properties of materials" Stephanie Gilbert (Tolk)

12. "MMP-Activated Nanobeacons for the Optical Imaging of Tumor Invasion" Ian McFadden (Matrisian)

13. "Less is more: revealing membrane dynamics of serotonin transporter with single quantum dots" Jerry Chang (Rosenthal)

14. "Liquid scanning transmission electron microscopy of individual quantum dots labeling epidermal growth factor receptors in whole eukaryotic cells" Madeline Dukes (Bornhop)

15. "Coffee ring-based diagnostics" Joshua Trantum (Wright/Haselton)

16. "Upconversion in Tb3+ and Yb3+ codoped glass containing Ag nanoparticle" Ashley Piasecki, (Pan/Morgan/Mu, Fisk)

17. "Malaria coffee ring diagnostics" Josh Swartz (Wright)

18. "Piezoelectric Effects of Single- and Multi-layered PVDF Systems for Energy Harvesting and Sensing" Jennifer Jones (Mu, Fisk)

19. "Low resource extraction and processing of biological samples using surface tension valves" Nick Adams (Wright)

20. "Graphene contacts to pentacene thin-film transistors" Chris Phare (Weiss)

21. "Graphene: atomically thin protective coating" Dhiraj Prasai (Bolotin)

22. "Electrophoretically deposited carbon nanotube films" John Rigueur (Dickerson)

23. "Cell co-culture platforms for neurobiology and cancer biology studies" Yandong Gao (Li)

24. "Effect of Phase-changing medium on plasmon dephasing time" Krishen Appavoo (Haglund)

25. "Pre-coated self-organized matrix crystal microarrays for imaging mass spectrometry" Zhou Xu (Laibinis)

26. "Determination of high affinity ligand for labeling hSERT via quantum dots" Zachary Glaser, undergraduate (Rosenthal/Meiler)

27. "Tailored self-assembled monolayer coatings on Si02 particles for protein chromatography" Chrysanty Tedjo (Laibinis)

1st Year student - research rotation presentations

"X-Ray screening results: remote irradiation of luminescent phosphors" Sarah Gollub (Walker)

"Fowler-nordheim analysis of nanotip emitters with geometric scaling" Sarah-Ann Claiborne (Walker)

"Molecular dynamics study of single layer and bilayer graphene thermal properties" Robert Marvel (Walker)

Vanderbilt University