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September 22, 2010


Dr. Richard Haglund
Department of Physics and Astronomy; Vanderbilt University

"Laser Processing of Materials:  A Golden Anniversary"

Abstract. Almost as soon as the first working laser was exhibited by Theodore Maiman, experiments with materials processing began.  The first successful industrial laser processing seems to have been in metal cutting and welding; the field exploded in the mid 1980s with the discovery that excimer lasers operating in the ultraviolet could be used to deposit high-quality films of high-temperature superconductors by laser ablation.  Increasingly sophisticated processing experiments have kept pace with the development of increasingly varied laser tools, and the annual market for laser processing tools is now a multibillion dollar affair.  In this talk, I review the classical period of laser processing of materials, but focus largely on developments of the last decade.  These include, but are by no means limited to, nanoparticle generation and synthesis; surface texturing and subsurface texturing in wide bandgap insulators; resonant infrared laser ablation of intact polymers and biopolymers; laser-assisted epitaxial film growth and coherent control of laser-materials interactions.

Vanderbilt University