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January 20, 2010

Dr. Mauro Ferrari
University Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Professor and Chairman, Department of Nanomedicine
and Biomedical Engineering (nBME)
Professor of Internal Medicine
The University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston

"Cancer Nanotechnologies"

ABSTRACT: I will present a view from the trenches on the use of nanotechnologies applied to the personalization of cancer diagnosis and therapy.  In particular, I will discuss the four research platforms in our group: Multistage vectors for directed delivery of therapeutic agents; Implantable nanochannel systems for controlled release; Bio-nanoscaffolds for regenerative medicine; and Proteomic/Peptidomic nanochips for early detection and therapeutic efficacy monitoring. Two clarifications: 1. I will confess to some anxiety, at the thought of present our proteomic platforms, given the world-class expertise at Vanderbilt; 2. I will employ the discussion of the multistage systems as a launch point to introduce the notion of “Cancer as a Disease of Mass Transport Dys-Regulation (Cancer Oncophysics)”, and am very much looking forward to feedback on the topic!

Vanderbilt University