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2nd Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum

2nd Annual Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum
May 3 & 4, 2001

Keynote Speaker:
Douglas Lowndes
Corporate Fellow and Research Group Leader, Semiconductor Physics, Thin Films, and Photovoltaic Materials
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"The Center for Nanophase Materials Science: A Partnership with Universities"

Abstract. The rationale for a national research initiative on nanoscale science and technology will be presented.  Plans to design a Center  for Nanophase Materials Sciences, to be located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as a national and regional resource for nanoscale science  research then will be described.  Results of the speaker's current research on the growth and field emission properties of vertically  aligned carbon nanofibers, and connections with research on carbon  nanotubes, will also be presented.

Other Speakers:
“Applications of Nanoscale Materials to the Science of Living Systems” – Richard Haglund
"Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems" – Ales Prokop
“NanoBioParticles for Targeted Drug Delivery” – Todd Giorgio
“Direct Energy Conversion by Electron Emission from Carbon Nanostructures” – Timothy Fisher
“Chemistry and Physics of Fluids Confined at Nanometer Scale” – Leonard Feldman
“Self-Assembled Monolayers and Films: Impacting Nanoscale Science” – Kane Jennings
“Fluorescent Nanocrystals for Neuroscience” – Sandra Rosenthal
“Complex Nanoscale Surface Patterning with a Focused Ion Beam” – Robert Weller
“Metal Nanocrystal Composites in Electronics and Photonics” – Richard Haglund
“Development of Diamond Nanotips and Carbon Nanotubes for Device/Sensor Applications” – Weng Kang
“Patterns in Phase Transformations - Controlling Self Assembly” – William Hofmeister
“UHV-CVD of Ultra-Thin Gate Dielectrics” – Bridget Rogers
“Nanocatalysis of CO2 Fixation” – Sokrates Pantelides
“Electron Transfer in Monolayer Protected Metal Cluster” – David Cliffel
“Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Suspension” – Mark Stremler

Panel Review
“Applications for Nanomaterials”
Panel Members: L. Feldman, S. Rosenthal, D. Fleetwood, W. Kang, T. Fisher

Poster Submission for 2001

  1. “Materials Characterization of a Nanocrystal Based Photovoltaic Device”
    Presented by: Meg Erwin

  2. “Simulating Quantum Effects in Semiconductor Devices”
    Presented by: Claude Cirba

  3. “Size and Surface Dependence of Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in CdSe Quantum Dots Determined by Fluorescence Upconverstoion Spectroscopy” Presented by: Tadd Kippeny

  4. “Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) Studies of Monolayer Protected Gold Cluster”
    Presented by:  Rachel Peterson

  5. “In Vitro Characterization of Magnetic Targeting For Nonviral Gene Therapy”
    Presented by: Sam Kuhn

  6. “In Situ Stress Measurements of Dual Irradiated Silicon Carbide”
    Presented by: Jonathan Bennett

  7. “Effect of Atomic Scale Surface Modification on the Growth of Surface-Catalyzed Polymer Films”
    Presented by: Wenfeng Gyo

  8. “Nanoscale Micellar Vehicles to Facilitate the Formation of Self-Assembled Monolayers in Water”
    Presented by: Doug Yan

  9. “Preparation of Novel Nanocomposite Materials”
    Presented by: Eve Steigerwalt

  10. “Preparation of Bismuth Nanocluster from Mixed Metal Gels Precursors”
    Presented by: Josh Moore

  11. “Diamond Field Emitter Devices”
    Presented by: Anurat Wisitsora-at

  12. “Field Emitter Using Carbon Nanotubes Grown by Microwave Plasma Enhanced CVD”
    Presented by: Y.M. Wong

  13. “High-Temperature Field Emission Characteristics of Carbon-based Nanostructures”
    Presented by: Sang Hyub Shin

  14. “Integrated Fabrication of Polycrystalline Diamond Resistors for Microelectronics”
    Presented by: Kevin Holmes

Vanderbilt University