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August 21, 2003


Dr. David Jamieson
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
School of Physics
University of Melbourne, Australia
"Progress towards the construction of a solid state quantum computer in silicon"

Abstract. Devices that employ single atoms to store and manipulate information will be constructed in the near future. The proposal of Kane provides a starting point for the development of a quantum computer based on a few tens of nanometre period array of individually addressable qubits consisting of P donors in a high purity silicon substrate. But numerous daunting technological challenges must be overcome in its construction and operation because the device requires control and readout of the configuration of single atoms. This presentation provides a brief review of a strategy that has been developed to meet the challenge of construction of a working prototype. Our "top-down strategy" employs a single ion implantation technique to load single donors into prefabricated cells. This strategy offers a fast route to few-qubit devices that is available now.

Vanderbilt University