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October 6, 2004


*Keynote Speaker 2004 Nano Forum

Dr. Chai-Ling Chein
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Johns Hopkins University
"Spin Torque and Nanorings"

Abstract.  Magnetic nanostructures, in which the effects of spin currents, the interplay of materials, and the geometry of the entities are important, have been at the forefront of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. A number of new phenomena have been discovered in magnetic nanostructures and some have led to important devices. In this presentation, some new aspects of spin torque and arrays of magnetic nanorings will be described. The spin torque (ST) effect offers the capabilities of switching magnetic entities by a spin current without a magnetic field. Nanoring magnets have the special attributes of several unique states including the vortex states with two chiralities. We have developed a method for the fabrication of a large number (109) of small nanorings (100 nm in diameter) over a macroscopic area (5 cm x 5 cm) with a high areal density (45 rings/µm2).  

Vanderbilt University