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Nano-Carbon Laboratory
Lab Director: Professor J.L. Davidson (615) 343-7886
Lab Contact: Dr. Bo Choi or (615) 343-6720, 6217 C Stevenson Center

Carbon-compound nanostructure synthesis, design, and fabrication of nanoelectronic devices for power and speed applications.


Angstrom eBeam and Sputter ToolAngstrom GloveboxAngstrom Resistive Evaporator
Angstrom eBeam and Sputter ToolAngstrom GloveboxAngstrom Resistive Evaporator

The Angstrom Amod e-beam chamber is a versatile deposition tool.  Capabilities include: 6-pocket e-beam evaporation, 2 resistive thermal evaporation, and sputter deposition using Ar or O2.  Substrate may be rotated and heated.  Chamber opens either to air or nitrogen-filled glovebox for transport to spin coater.

Nitrogen-filled glovebox that contains a spin coater and vacuum oven.  Glovebox is connected to Angstrom evaporator chambers for transport in an oxygen-free environment

The Angstrom Amod resistive evaporator has 6 resistive thermal evaporation sources.  Substrate can be rotated during deposition.  The chamber may be opened to air or a nitrogen-filled glovebox.

CVD FurnaceE-Beam EvaporatorMicrowave Plasma CVD
CVD FurnaceE-Beam EvaporatorMicrowave Plasma CVD

The Lindberg Blue M furnace has a 1100 oC maximum temperature.  Available gases are Ar, CH4, and H2.  Tube pressure and gas flow rates are controllable.

  • 6kW E-beam Power Supply
  • Load-lock system
  • Applications: refractory metals, dielectrics, alloys
  • Learn more here

  • 2.45 GHz micro-wave source 1.5 kW
  • 5 kW water cooled induction heater stage (750° C)
  • Chamber pressure control (1-400 torr)
  • CH4, H2, N2, O2 available with MFC
  • DC bias on substrate holder up to 200 V
  • Applications: nanocrystalline Diamond, microcrystalline diamond
  • Learn more here

Thermal Furnace  
Thermal Furnace  

The MTI OTF-1200X is a two zone furnace capable of 1100o C max. temperature.  Process gases are: O2, H2, CH4, Ar. Max tube size is 100mm OD (95mm ID)

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