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VINSE - Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications

Analytical Chemistry: Adaptive PCR Based on Hybridization Sensing of Mirror-Image l-DNA"Adaptive PCR Based on Hybridization Sensing of Mirror-Image L-DNA" Nicholas M. Adams, William E. Gabella, Austin N. Hardcastle, and Frederick R. Haselton, Analytical Chemistry, 89, 728-738, 2017. PDF

Nanophotonics thumbnail"Harvesting the loss: surface plasmon-based hot electron phtoodetection" Wei Li and Jason Valentine, Nanophotonics, 6 (1), 177-191, 2017. PDF

Annals of Biomedical Engineering: 3D Printing of Tissue Engineered Constructs for In Vitro Modeling of Disease Progression and Drug Screening"3D Printing of Tissue Engineered Constructs for In Vitro Modeling of Disease Progression and Drug Screening" Joseph Vanderburgh, Julie A. Sterling, and Scott Guelcher, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 45 (1), 164-179, 2017. PDF

ACS Photonics Thumbnail"Design of Photonic Crystal Cavities for Extreme Light Concentration" Shuren Hu and Sharon M. Weiss, ACS Photonics, 3, 1647-1653, 2016. PDF

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Featured Image"Defect Luminescence from Wurtzite CulnS2 Nanocrystals: Combined Experimental and Theorectical Analysis" Alice D.P. Leach, Xiao Shen, Adam Faust, Matthew C. Cleveland, Andrew D. La Croix, Uri Banin, Sokrates T. Pantelides, and Janet E. Macdonald, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 120, 5207-5212, 2016. PDF

Nanoscale:  Probing electrical signals in the retina via graphene-integrated microfluidic platforms"Probing electrical signals in the retina via graphene-integrated microfluidic platforms" Yuchen Zhang, Kirsten Dodson, Rachel Fischer, Rui Wang, Deyu Li, Rebecca Sappington and Yaqiong Xu, Nanoscale, 8, 19043-19049, 2016. PDF

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