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VINSE - Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications 

read more"Influence of Surface Morphology on the Shear-Induced Wear of Alkylsilane Monolayers: Molecular Dynamics Study " A.Z. Summers, C.R. Iacovella, M.R. Billingsley, S.T. Arnold, P.T. Cummings, C. McCabe. Langmuir, 32, 2348-2359, 2016. PDF

read more"Lithography-Free Large-Area Metamaterials for Stable Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion" Z.J. Coppens, I.I. Kravchenko, and J.G. Valentine. Advanced Optical Materials, 4, 671-676, 2016. PDF

read more"Development of 3D Microvascular Networks Within Gelatin Hydrogels Using Thermoresponsive Sacrifical Microfibers" J.B. Lee, X. Wang, S. Faley, B. Baer, D.A. Balikov, H.J. Sung and L.M. Bellan. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 5 (7), 781-785, 2016.  PDF

read more"Interface strain in vertically stacked two-dimensional heterostructured carbon-MoS 2  nanosheets controls electrochemical reactivity" L. Oakes, R. Carter, T. Hanken, A.P. Cohn, K. Share, B. Schmidt, and C.L. Pint. Nature Communications, 7, 11796, 2016.  PDF

read more"Matrices for combined delivery of proteins and synthetic molecules" K.A. Gilmore, M.W. Lampley, C. Boyer and E. Harth. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 98, 77-85, 2016.  PDF

read more"Detergent-Mediated Formation of β‑Hematin: Heme CrystallizationPromoted by Detergents Implicates Nanostructure Formation for Use as a Biological Mimic" R.D. Sandlin, K.Y. Fong, R. Stiebler, C.P. Gulka, J.E. Nesbitt, M.P. Oliveira, and D.W. Wright. Crystal Growth & Design, 16, 2542-2551, 2016.  PDF


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