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To improve lab safety and help manage resources, VIIBRE requires that all Lab Users register their projects and all research participants. Each project will have resource needs that will evolve over time and overlap with other projects.

It is important that resources can be managed in such a way that every project has the ability to utilize resources without interfering with the research of other projects.

Steps to gain access and work in VIIBRE labs

Do each step listed in sequence, as some are dependent on others. This is a test of your ability to follow instructions and will be considered when granting your access to labs. Remember! Safety is ALWAYS your primary responsibility in the lab.

Step 1

The first step is to remember the two most important lab rules. Safety is always your top priority and, if you ever have any questions about anything in the labs, ask someone (maybe ask two people and make sure the answers are the same). This is a teaching facility and as such we'll assume that the more questions you ask, the smarter you are becoming.

Step 2

All VIIBRE Lab Users are required to be listed on at least one approved and active project. You should get this information from your project leader for use in the next step. If you are starting a new project (e.g., a new senior design project or a project that has never utilized VIIBRE Labs in the past) you will need to follow the instructions for filling out the Project Proposal Form before continuing with these instructions.

Step 3

Complete the VIIBRE Lab User Form and turn it in to VIIBRE Staff. Please fill out this form electronically using the full version of Adobe Acrobat (the reader will not allow you to save the form) and email it to Ron Reiserer ( If you do not have access to a full version of Adobe Acrobat you can use the graphics workstation in 6805 to fill out your form. You should also try to get all of the signatures electronically. If you are unable to get electronic signatures email the unsigned electronic form to Ron Reiserer ( and make sure you include the phrase "Lab User Form" in the subject line, print the form for signatures, and give your signed form to Ron in SC6829A. Once you turn in the form with signatures, you will be assigned safety training that must be completed before working in any of VIIBRE's Labs. Details of how to take the training will be emailed to you once it is assigned.

Step 4

Get a Lab Notebook for your project. This is the single most important piece of scientific documentation that exists. All hypotheses, experimental design, all experimental data, and all conclusions should be meticulously recorded in a Lab Notebook. Do not use any other notebooks for this information. To get a Lab Notebook ask your project leader. If you have questions about how to write things in your Lab Notebook, contact Ron Reiserer (

Step 5

All experimental procedures using chemicals with any NFPA hazard level higher than 1 or any specific hazard must have prior approval of the Project P.I., the Lab P.I., and VIIBRE Administration. Please use the Protocol Proposal Form below to submit a new protocol.

Step 6

After the Safety training is complete and all other paperwork is filed, you will be assigned a user name and password for the scheduling system. In order to get access to the card locks you will also need to have your Vanderbilt ID Card (or other ID Card) scanned by Don Berry (schedule an appointment by emailing Some of the labs are accessible during normal working hours without card access, others are card access only 24/7.

Access notes

Access to some VIIBRE Facilities requires specific training (e.g., the Microfab and Wet Process Labs). This training can be scheduled after all other requirements are met. Email Ron Reiserer for more information (

Knowing, respecting and staying up to date with the rules of the VIIBRE Facilities is your responsibility - ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

If you ever have a question about anything, just ask.