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Cody R. Goodwin


Ph.D. -


Vanderbilt University

B.S. - 

University of Central Florida


Curriculum Vitae


Office: SC5410



Cody completed his undergraduate studies at University of Central Florida, resulting in a bachelor's degree in chemistry. He performed research under Dr. Cherie Geiger and Dr. Christian Clausen III investigating the application and kinetics of zero valent bimetal systems for the degradation of chlorinated ground water contaminants.

Currently, his research focuses on determining metabolic perturbations as disease biomarkers. The main platform for analyses utilizes multi-dimensional separations, coupling nanoliter flow rate ultra-performance liquid chromatography with ion mobility and high resolution mass spectrometry. Data is analyzed using multi-variate statistical analysis methods, which allows for an untargeted, or global, approach to metabolomic analyses.
These methods are applied to uncover the epigenetic effects of cocaine exposure, metabolic profiles of leukocytes to toxin exposure, and the metabolic effects of numerous other diseases. Additionally, he is exploring new methods of drug discovery from unique microbial colonies using mass spectrometry based methods.