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"I’d like to help overturn the paradigm that science is rigid and scary, because it’s absolutely not. It’s possible to do science simply because you love science, not because you fit a certain mold."

– Kelly Holley-Bockelman, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Colleges and Majors:

Combined B.A./M.A. Programs

All four undergraduate schools offer combined B.A./M.A. programs which allow students to earn both an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in five years. Each department that offers a combined program determines its own policies, degree requirements, and admissions criteria. Admission is selective and students typically apply in their junior year. For details about each school’s combined program options, visit the Undergraduate Catalog or the school’s website: Arts and Science | Blair School of Music | School of Engineering | Peabody College

Combined B.A./B.S. and Master of Science in Nursing

  • Available through either the College of Arts and Science or Peabody College
  • Students earn a B.S. or B.A. and M.S.N. in approximately five years
  • Typically, students apply early in the junior year
  • For more information, visit

Combined Programs for Blair Students

  • Five-year Bachelor of Music/Master of Education with Peabody College
  • Five-year Bachelor of Music/Master of Business Administration with the Owen Graduate School of Management

"It is not uncommon for professors to have undergraduate research assistants and even an occasional undergraduate teaching assistant."

–William Collins, Associate Professor, Economics

Early Acceptance Program to School of Medicine

  • Students apply in the sophomore year for guaranteed admission to Vanderbilt School of Medicine
  • Maximum of 12 students admitted each year
  • Admission obligates student to attend Vanderbilt School of Medicine after earning undergraduate degree

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