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Recharge Completely

“You are bound to find an organization you feel passionate about and if not, you are encouraged to start one. Commodores never have a dull moment!”

Noah Haviv ’13

We won’t lie to you. Studying, research, and other work take up a great deal of our students’ days and nights, but when it comes to downtime, Vanderbilt students can get very creative.

Can’t decide between our 350+ student organizations, even though there is everything from academic major societies to sports clubs? Start your own. Our students do it all the time. There are more than 30 service organizations on campus that are helping out in town, across the country, and around the world.

"I encourage them 100% to get involved. Nowhere is going to be all study all the time, so you have to fi nd other things that make your life full. I would just say know what you want to do and look around."

–Shana Berkeley ’10, Atlanta, GA

Students also control and run multiple media outlets online, on the air, and on newsstands, sharing updates, views, and laughs on a daily basis.

You can climb, swim, run, and more at The Rec, the health and wellness hub for students. Make new friends, learn a new language, take the stage, or head out to Alumni Lawn and shake off pre-finals stress at our annual Rites of Spring concert.

Achieving the perfect balance between the academic commitments and numerous opportunities of Vanderbilt life is as easy as it is natural, a valuable lesson that serves our students well for years to come.

Talk about adding balance to your life at ??