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Practical Resources

VIDL's hardware and human resources for production and instructional design are used on projects that are proposed by Vanderbilt partners, and selected by VIDL because the projects are within VIDL's scope and work capacity. See our "Support" tab for more information on bringing projects to VIDL's attention.


See the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching's many teaching guides, listed in alphabetical order at While many, if not most, digital learning impinges on most all areas listed, at least in theory, the following existing CfT teaching guides seem particularly relevant to VIDL's scope:

  • Blended and Online Learning
  • Blogs and Discussion Boards
  • Classroom Response Systems (“Clickers”)
  • Course Management Systems
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Podcasting
  • Wikis
  • Wireless in the Classroom

Again, digital learning impinges on many of the topics addressed by the CfT's many excellent guides (e.g., Service Learning, Team-based Learning, Teaching with Ecological Footprints). Increasingly, VIDL, CfT, and other campus partners will work on creatively realizing the possibilities of improving many forms of learning and teaching, at least in some contexts and with some learners and teachers, through digital technology.


Vanderbilt has invested significantly in production infrastructure for its massive open online courses (MOOCs). These resources are all possessed and controlled by VIDL, and are used for many projects, MOOCs and otherwise. Highlights of VIDL’s production resources include two Canon XF300 cameras (capable of green screen capture), one Canon C100 (for mobile work), a GoPro for highly portable work, and a SONY Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera. VIDL has lighting, teleprompters, and microphones appropriate for both studio and on-location work. VIDL’s editing suite is equipped with an eight-core high memory system with solutions for the large files that VIDL creates (e.g., 24TB Drobo NAS array), to include collaboration with Vanderbilt’s Information Technology unit. VIDL’s editing and capture software (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite) is substantial. VIDL plans to purchase personal video production kits that can be loaned out to individual faculty members, staff, and students. A list of nontrivial equipment owned and operated by VIDL is given here in pdf and word format (e.g., for inclusion in research proposals to funding agencies such as NSF).

VIDL is committed to a philosophy of resource sharing across the university, and scheduling allowing can loan equipment to campus professionals trained in its use. Our staff also appreciate good campus citizenship and can help out, as our capacity allows, on projects both for a charge and sometimes without charge.

VIDL also maintains certain lists of resources privately (e.g., classrooms equipped for video lecture capture); if you control resources and would like us to list them publicly here, please email us at

Finally, VUIT makes available streaming video event capture, which VIDL itself uses for its seminar series. Request streaming video services at

Other Digital Tools

Many digital tools are available, and VIDL has just started a campus-wide survey of tools and their use cases on campus. Other partners, to include the Jean and Alexander Heard Library (e.g.,,  Center for Teaching, Educational Informatics, and VUIT are sources of information and training

Platforms and Repositories

Course Hosting Platforms, to include MOOC hosting

Other Learning Object Repositories

Create Your Own Texts, Courses, and Modules

Google's Course Builder (

Wikibooks (