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Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

The 70 members of the VICB span 18 different departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine. Most investigators provide opportunities for postdoctoral training. Prospective fellows should explore the Members page to identify VICB members who are pursuing research in their fields of interest.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs within the Biomedical Research and Training Office maintains a web site that lists postdoctoral opportunities, and provides a mechanism through which applicants may post their CVs. However, prospective fellows are also encouraged to contact VICB members directly to inquire about upcoming positions that may not appear on the site. Visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to learn more about the postdoctoral experience at Vanderbilt, including helpful information concerning relocating to Nashville, stipends and benefits, career development programs, and institutional policies.


Integrative Training in Therapeutic Discovery program

The Integrative Training in Therapeutic Discovery Fellowship Program provides funding for a limited number of postdoctoral positions in Chemical Biology each year.


Program Overview
Understanding of the mechanisms of human disease is expanding at an exponential rate, and the NIH Roadmap is challenging scientists to transform this knowledge into tangible health benefits for people. As a result, teams of academic investigators are formulating therapeutic hypotheses and generating the tools with which to test them. This is creating a need for individuals with interdisciplinary training in translational medicine and chemical biology. Experience at Vanderbilt has identified a mechanism for training graduate students and postdoctoral/fellows in which they are co-mentored by physician-scientists and chemical biologists.

The ITTD (Integrative Training in Therapeutic Discovery) program formalizes this experience to train graduate students and postdoctoral/fellows in the critical steps of therapeutic discovery, including identifying an unmet medical need, considering the molecular basis of the relevant disease, framing a hypothesis for a novel therapeutic approach, and generating the lead molecules with which to test the hypothesis.


Students will take and postdocs will audit two courses:
1) Foundations of Chemical Biology
2) Introduction to Drug Discovery

They will also attend seminars in chemical biology and clinical pharmacology.


Research Projects
Graduate students and postdoctorals/resident fellows will do research on projects to identify new strategies for treating disease. Each trainee will be co-mentored by two preceptors taken from the list below. One mentor will be an expert in chemical biology and the other will be an expert in translational medicine.

Research training will be supplemented by coursework in chemical biology and drug discovery. Outstanding open access core resources exist in high-throughput screening, chemical synthesis, monoclonal antibody generation, natural product discovery, and small molecule NMR. Stipends, tuition, and fringe benefits are provided by a training grant from the National Institutes of Health.


The areas are:


Cardiovascular Disease

Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders


Infectious Disease and Bio-Defense

Technology/Hit Generation

Synthesis/Natural Products


How to apply?
Students who have completed their first year in graduate school and postdoctorals and resident fellows are eligible for the program. Applications are being accepted now. Please submit a letter of intent and curriculum vitae to:
ITDD Training Grant


Postdoctoral Fellows Expand Their Skills and Their Horizons Through the Broadly-Based Research Experiences Offered at the VICB


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