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Chemical biology at its best

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Is chemical biology in your future? 

Here are just a few reasons to consider joining Vanderbilt's Chemical Biology program:

1. It’s All Here:  Vanderbilt is one of the few universities in the United States that has its Medical School and its College of Arts and Sciences located on the same campus. This proximity greatly facilitates the collaboration between the basic sciences and the biomedical sciences that is crucial for successful Chemical Biology research.

2. We Have Exceptional Facilities:  Vanderbilt has made extensive investments in its network of Shared Resource Laboratories that provide state-of-the-art technology for the latest approaches to all university researchers. The VICB’s four Shared Resources in High-Throughput Screening, Chemical Synthesis, Monoclonal Antibody and Protein Expression, and Small Molecule NMR place the primary methodologies of Chemical Biology at researchers’ fingertips. Most Shared Resources provide training to students allowing them to use the equipment, thus gaining important experience and maintaining control of their research projects.

3. We Work Together:  The campus layout and availability of Shared Resources are all part of a culture of collaboration at Vanderbilt that is unparalleled at any other institution.  As a trans-institutional organization, the VICB thrives in this environment and takes advantage of the many interdisciplinary projects that bring together chemists, biologists, and clinicians across the campus.

4. Our Science Is Terrific:   A  great environment promotes great research. Examples of VICB successes are:
a) VICB investigators received two highly competitive multi-million dollar ARRA Grand Opportunities Grants, a
      Pioneer Award, and Gates Foundation Award
b) the VICB High-Throughput Screening Shared Resource was one of only nine extramural participants in the NIH
      Molecular Library Screening Center Network Consortium
c)  Vanderbilt is the site of one of only two Specialized Chemistry Centers (MLPCNs) in the NIH Molecular Libraries
Production Network
d) the VICB Chemical Synthesis Shared Resource and Natural Products Synthesis Program are one of only ten
     institutions participating in the NCI Cancer Chemical Biology Consortium

5. We’re Part of a Great Community:  If you think Nashville is only about country music, then think again. Not only does Nashville have all kinds of music, it also offers all of the cultural and social opportunities of a large urban area at a cost of living that is well below the national average.

6. We are Flexible:  Students interested in Chemical Biology have four graduate admissions programs to which they can apply. Students may choose the program that best suit their interests and goals.

7. We Have a Certificate in Chemical Biology:  The Certificate in Chemical Biology program provides a solid foundation in Chemical Biology along with the flexibility to allow you to pursue your own interests.

8.  We Have a Great Website:  You can learn all you need to know about the VICB at our website. Take some time to explore our site for graduate student training opportunities and areas of research.




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