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The VICB is a trans-institutional initiative between the College of Arts and Science and the School of Medicine. The Institute's mission is to provide research and training in the application of chemical approaches to the solution of important biomedical problems.

The proximity of the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine on Vanderbilt’s campus facilitates this process. Our members represent a range of research interests and technologies with particular strengths in analytical methodology and molecular imaging, cellular responses to chemical stress, drug discovery, enzyme and receptor chemistry, proteomics, structural biology, and chemical synthesis. The VICB provides a fertile ground for training opportunities at all levels.


Postdoctoral Training
Contact VICB members directly to inquire about upcoming positions. Postdoctoral training in the VICB offers numerous opportunities for fellows to expand their knowledge and skills base into new disciplines, and to prepare for their future careers.  To learn more about VICB postdoctoral opportunities, click the Postdoctoral Training link above.


Graduate Student Training
There are four graduate admission programs to choose from. Graduate students in VICB laboratories benefit from the exceptional level of collaboration that naturally flows from the multidisciplinary research approach.  Students who are interested in Chemical Biology should first learn about the four admission programs through which they may apply for graduate study at Vanderbilt, all of which provide access to VICB member labs.  To learn more, click the Graduate Student Training link above.


Undergraduate Research
Opportunities for Vanderbilt students and all undergraduates. Undergraduates interested in a career in scientific research have an excellent opportunity to gain hands on research experience through the VICB’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Chemical Biology.  Vanderbilt students may participate in a more extensive experience through The Beckman Scholars Program.  To learn more, click the Undergraduate Research link above




The VICB Provides Challenging and Exciting Programs for Scientists at All
Levels of Research



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