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Brown and Marnett Edit Chemical Reviews Special Issue on Lipids

Everything you need to know about lipids is likely covered in the special issue of Chemical Reviews ( titled “Introduction to Lipid Biochemistry, Metabolism, and Signalling” published October 11 by the American Chemical Society.  This comprehensive collection of reviews on all things lipid was put together by guest editors and Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology (VICB) members Alex Brown and Larry Marnett, who each contributed a review to the issue.  Also contributing are VICB members Ned Porter, Jack Roberts, and Richard Caprioli.

The special issue, which totals 22 reviews in all, covers a range of major topics, including:

  • enzymatic lipid oxygenation
  • non-enzymatic fatty acid oxidation
  • phospholipases and lipid kinases
  • lipids as ligands for receptors
  • glycerolipid, sphingolipid, and sterol metabolic pathways
  • bioinformatics and new technologies in lipid research

For more information, check out the introduction to the special issue by Brown and Marnett ( or go to the full issue Table of Contents (





Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology Researchers Brown and Marnett Edit Special Lipids Issue of Chemical Reviews


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