2008 VICB Golf Scramble Photographs
Andy Felts braved the last wave of rain showers on the practice range.
Real golfers ignore the elements.
Andy Vila sports the latest in rain gear.
Melvin Fitzgerald is ready to go.
Phil Kingsley likes the soft greens.
Players enjoyed box lunches filled with protein, carbs, and most importantly - sugar!
The 1:30 tee time was preceded by a quick game of bumper cars.
Emily Days
Mike Warnement (l) and Don Stec (r)
Dr. Marnett thanks VICB Scramble sponsor - Hamamatsu!
Rain showers quickly pushed through the area.
Steve Bolin gives final instructions.
Felts & Co saddle up.
Keenan Days, Mike Perry, Rick Romaine, Emily Days
Alan Brash prepares to launch a monster drive.
Mike Warnement, Don Stec, and Gary Sulikowski consider their options.
Hint: It's behind you, Charlie.
"I knew it all along."
"It breaks left....definitely...."
"...or maybe right."
Dave Vigerust puts a ball in flight (just above tree line) on #2 .
Andy Felts and Kwangho Kim
Sam 'the Man" Saleh!
Bill Schultz, John Cleator, Dave Vigerust
#10 Green - Longest Putt
Tony Scoville, Larry Marnett, Melvin Fitzgerald, Scott Hiebert


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