Phil Kingsley models the official 2007 VICB Golf Scramble t-shirt.
Players enjoyed free lunches before hitting the fairway.
Charlie Knutson and Gary Sulikowski arrive with high hopes.

Free VICB golf scramble shirts for everyone!

Larry Marnett and Don Stec hone their putting strokes.
Tony Scoville coaxes one into the hole.
Gary Sulikowski and Alan Brash conceal their enthusiasm.
Kate Lornsen and Darren Orton prepare to hit the links.
Biotage reps Carolyn Clarke and Bruno Leonard
make the scene.
Tom Case, Jin Renjie, and Alan Marnett prepare for battle.
A perfect day for Sam Selah, Richard Williams, Emily Days, and Kate Lornsen (beats lab work).
Mike Warnement and Dave Cliffel - future first place team finishers.
Yamashita Hironobu and Satonaka Hiroshi
are ready to rumble.
"Look, I found this golf ball. I don't care if your
little squiggly marks are on it!"

Load 'em up!

Would the owner of a blue '73 Dodge Dart please move your car? It's parked on the first tee. Thank you.
Team Pryor (Steve Pryor, Emily Days, Richard Williams, and Sam Selah) await the starting gun.
Don Stec and Sharma Sameer are good to go!
The gorgeous first hole with #10 and #18 in background.
Perhaps the most useless sign on the Roper's Knob course...
Tiger Woods? No. However, Sharma Sameer's swing is remarkably similar.
Legends Club golf pro Hunter Laney posts the final scores.
Larry announces the winners!
Phil Kingsley accepts his share of the 1st place team prize.
Longest putt winner Brian Dattilo accepts his prize.

Harry Reese won both the longest drive and
straightest drive contests.

Vandy rules! It didn't escape Larry's notice that the VICB best team score topped Merrill Lynch's.
First place team members Satonaka Hiroshi, Phil Kingsley, Mike Warnement, and Dave Cliffel bask in the glow of victory.
Second place finishers Brian Datillo, Michael Miller, Brian Weiner, and Yamamoto Tunehiko.
Final team scores.
See you next year... the Vanderbilt Legends Club!

The first annual VICB Golf Scramble was held on Thursday, May 17, 2007 at the Vanderbilt Legends Club near Franklin, Tennessee. The purpose of the scramble was to bring VICB members together in a casual off-campus setting. Contests were held for the longest drive, straightest drive, closest to the pin, longest putt, 1st place team, and runner up team.

The prize winners were:

Longest Drive (Hole #2) - Reese Harry
Straightest Drive (Hole #18) - Reese Harry
Closest to the Pin (Hole #3) - Alan Marnett
Longest Putt (Hole #10) - Brian Datillo
1st Place Team: 65 - Phil Kingsley, Dave Cliffel, Mike Warnement & Hiroshi Satonaka
2nd Place Team: 66 - Brian Datillo, Michael Miller, Brian Weiner & Tunehiko Yamamoto

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