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2010 VICB Golf scramble

When:  Thursday, May 20th

Where:  Vanderbilt Legends Club

Cost:  Free

Who Can Play?   VICB Lab Member Faculty, Students, and Staff

How Do I Sign Up?  E-mail Phil Kingsley ( or call 936-3095


VICB Golf Scramble Archives

Click here to view 2010 scramble photos.
Click here to view 2009 scramble photos.
Click here to view 2009 scramble photos.

Click here to view 2009 scramble photos.
VICB Golf Scramble Sponsors

2010:  Hamamatsu

2009: Hamamatsu

2008: Hamamatsu

2007:  Hamamatsu, Velocity 11, Biotage

VICB Golf Scramble Results

2010 Contest and Prize Winners: 
1st Place Team: Ryan Meier, Frank Gerald, Eddie Watts. (55)  Note: 16 hole scramble due to flood damage.

2nd Place Team:  Phil Kingsley, Don Stec, Daniel Burke (55)

Longest Drive:  Gerald Frank
Longest Putt:  Sam Saleh
Closest To The Hole: Phil Kingsley
Straightest Drive:  Corey Hopkins

2009 Contest and Prize Winners: 
1st Place Team: Alan Brash, Sean Davies, Stephen Doster (63)

2nd Place Team:  David Nanneman, Ryan Meier, Matt Walters, John Cleator (65)

Longest Drive:  Kenny Days
Longest Putt:  Sam Saleh
Closest To The Hole:  Chris Denicola
Straightest Drive:  Corey Hopkins

2008 Contest and Prize Winners: 

1st Place Team:  Meier Ryan, Jeff Crisp, Cameron Gren, David Nannemann (62)

2nd Place Team:  Jonathan Hempel, Charlie Knutson, Larry Zwiebel, Robert Orr (64)

Longest Drive:  Rick Romaine
Longest Putt:  Scott Hiebert
Closest To The Hole:  Jonathan Hempel
Straightest Drive:  Ryan Meier

2007 Contest and Prize Winners: 

1st Place Team:  Phil Kingsley, Mike Warnement, Dave Cliffel, Satonaka Hiroshi (65)

2nd Place Team:  Brian Datillo, Michael Miller, Brian Weiner, Yamamoto Tunehiko (66)

Longest Drive:  Harry Reese
Longest Putt:  Brian Datillo
Closest To The Hole:  Alan Marnett
Straightest Drive:  Harry Reese


The vanderbilt legends club

2010 VICB Golf Scramble Photographs

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VICB Golf Scramble Overview

The Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology will hold its fourth annual VICB Golf Scramble on Thursday, May 20th at the Vanderbilt Legends Club, Roper's Knob Course, located in Franklin, TN. The scramble provides an informal setting for VICB members to gather, interact, and have some fun.

The scramble will begin at 1:30 pm with a shotgun start. Box lunches will be provided beforehand starting at noon. The Legends practice range will be available to all participants.

VICB faculty, lab members, and administrative personnel are invited to play - at no charge. Slots are limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.


Parking: Parking is available in the lower parking lot (below the club house) near the Pavilion. Box lunches will be served at 12:00 pm at the Pavilion.

Play will commence via shotgun start at 1:30 pm.
A registration table will be set up by 11:30 at the Pavilion.
Lunch will be available at 12:00.
The driving range, located next to the Pavilion, will be available at 12:30 at no charge to VICB players.
Players should “saddle up” in the carts at 1:20.  Announcements will be made by Legends staff around this time.  The Pro will provide additional instructions and the carts will head out to the various team-assigned holes to begin.
At the conclusion of play, please return carts to the staging area and bring your scorecards to the pavilion for scoring.   Announcements and awarding of prizes will follow.

Carts: Golf carts will be provided.

Club Rentals: If you need golf clubs, the Legends can rent them to you for $45 plus tax. Please inform Phil Kingsley as soon as possible if you need to rent clubs).

Driving Range: Located next to the Pavilion - free for all VICB scramble participants.

Attire: Appropriate golf attire is required by all players.  Men are permitted to wear shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks or bermuda shorts.  Women are permitted to wear skirts, slacks, bermuda shorts and appropriate golf blouses.  Non-metal spikes are required.  Articles not permitted are:  blue jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, short shorts, or other athletic shorts.

Shoes: Soft (non-metal) spikes and tennis shoes are permitted.

Format:  This event will be a modified golf scramble with Shotgun Start.  All participants will be assigned to one of approximately ten teams consisting of three or four players.  These teams will compete against each other.  Play proceeds in the following manner:     
1.  All team members hit his/her tee shot on a hole (however, not everyone has to play a tee-shot; if you like a tee shot and don’t think it can be improved upon, proceed to the ball).
2.  The best shot tee shot is selected and each team member then plays the 2nd shot. Again, the best 2nd shot is selected and each team member plays the 3rd shot.  This continues until the hole is completed.
3.  The Three-Putt rule is in effect.  Once a team is positioned on the green, each player will take up to two putts at the hole.  If all players miss their second putt, the team adds one more stroke to their score without putting a third time and proceeds to the next tee.  This rule does not apply if you reach a par five green in two.
4. The Two-Shot rule is also in effect (also know as the Meier/Hempel rule). Each team MUST use at least two (2) tee shots from each player on the team.

Please be aware of your time on the course! Each team should complete 18 holes in 4 hours.

A shotgun start means that all the teams will start play at the same time, on different holes.  Each team will play around the course and their round will finish when they arrive at their starting hole.  For example, if your team starts on Hole #13, your group has completed the round when you complete Hole #12.

Tees:  Men will play from the White tees, Ladies from the Red tees, if they desire.

Lie of the Ball:  Lies may be improved within (1) club length of the ball everywhere except;
1.  In bunkers or water hazards.
2.  When improving a lie would move the ball closer to the hole.
3.  When improving a lie would move the ball onto the green.

Rules of Play:  All USGA Rules Apply      
Pace of Play:  In the interest of everyone’s enjoyment please maintain a maximum pace of 14 minutes per hole. Please cooperate with course rangers to maintain this appropriate pace of play.

Cart Path Usage:  Carts are 90 degrees except on Par 3s.   Please keep golf carts 30 yards away from the greens.

Care of the Golf Course:  Please help maintain the conditioning of our golf courses by filling all divots with sand and repairing all ball marks made on the putting greens.

Contests and Prizes:  Prizes will be awarded for the top two teams and four individual contests in which all players may participate.
1st place team – $30 Vanderbilt Legends Club Gift Card + Golf Shirt Per Player
2nd place team – $25 Vanderbilt Legends Gift Card Per Player
Longest drive; the longest drive, which is in the fairway, on Hole #TBA – $50 Vanderbilt Legends Club Gift Card
Longest Putt; the longest putt holed on Hole #TBA – $50 Vanderbilt Legends Club Gift Card
Closest to the pin; the tee shot which comes to rest closest to the pin on Hole #TBA – $50 Vanderbilt Legends Club Gift Card
Straightest Drive; the drive which is closest to the line running the length of the fairway, Hole #TBA – $50 Vanderbilt Legends Club Gift Card
NEW! "Dan Liebler" best fairway approach shot or chip shot to pin – $50 Vanderbilt Legends Club Gift Card

Inclement Weather:  Two quick blasts of the air horn is the official signal to cease play.  Please mark balls and seek shelter immediately.  A  single long blast of the horn is the signal to resume play.

We will not be able to guarantee the weather so be sure to bring your sunscreen and an umbrella.  If you hear thunder or see lightning, return to the clubhouse or the Pavilion or find shelter (not under a tree). 


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VICB Golf Scramble - 2007 - 2009
Tennessee State Open Championship - 1993 - 1996
Tennessee Challenge Cup Matches - 1993 - 1999
National Club Championship for Women
SEC Women's Championship
U.S. Senior Open Qualifying
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1997 U.S. Girls' Junior Championship
2000 & 2001 LPGA Electrolux USA Championship hosted by
Vince Gill and Amy Grant and
the 2002 LPGA Aerus Electrolux USA Championship hosted by
Vince Gill and Amy Grant
2004, 2005 & 2006 LPGA Franklin American Mortgage Championship hosted by
Vince Gill and Amy Grant




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