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VICB Weekly Seminar Schedule - Fall 2014

Paul Baker — AB SCIEX
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 — 12:15 P.M. to 1:15 P.M. — 1220 MRB III
"New Strategies in Lipid Profiling: Resolving the Complexity of the Lipidome Using Differential Mobility Separation"  

Key Lecture Points:
·   Unambiguous lipid profiling is challenging due to extensive isobaric overlap of different lipid molecular species within the lipidome
·   Two general methods for lipid profiling by mass spectrometry are used: the ‘shotgun’ approach and the liquid chromatography approach—both have their benefits and limitations
·   A new technique to resolve lipid classes from a complex mixture, Differential Mobility Separation (DMS), has been developed that resolves issues related to isobaric interference
·   DMS can be used with LC or infusion techniques and cleanly resolves different lipid categories and classes; a novel approach to lipid profiling will be presented
·   The use of DMS has been extended to rapidly resolve eicosanoid enantiomers, triglyceride positional isomers and hexosyl ceramide isomers without the need for complex chromatography

Qi Zhang — UNC Chapel Hill
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 — 12:15 P.M. to 1:15 P.M. — 1220 MRB III
"Chemical Tools to Monitor and Regulate Lipid Signaling Pathways"

Key Lecture Points:
·  The roles of phosphatidylinositides in development and diseases are not well understood
·  We have developed new chemical approaches to probe signaling pathways regulated by PIs
·  The application of these chemical tools to probe the role of PIs and ARF in the canonical Wnt/β
  catenin pathway will also be discussed

Matt Holden — Universit of Massachusetts, Amherst
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 — 12:15 P.M. to 1:15 P.M. — 1220 MRB III
"Caught in the Act: Direct Measurement of Protein Translocation Across Membranes" 

Key Lecture Points:
·  Directed macromolecular transport across membranes key in 21st century medicine
·  We employ a model membrane to quantitate transport as a function of lipids and forces
·  Membrane asymmetry can be a driving force for carrier-mediated transport
·  We also measure protein transport through toxins
·  On route to mechanistic studies of proton-powered Brownian Ratchet
· Model membrane also used for screening ion channel/drug interactions
· Developed a teaching kit based on model membrane system

Daniel Rabinovich — University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Wednesday, October 8, 2014 — 12:15 P.M. to 1:15 P.M. — 1220 MRB III
"The World of X-Rays on Postage Stamps: From Radiology to Protein Crystallography" 

Key Lecture Points:
·  A philatelic tribute to the International Year of Crystallography (2014)
·  An overview of the key scientists involved in the discovery of X-rays and the development of X-ray crystallography
·  Postage stamps used to describe molecular structures and the impact of X-ray diffraction in chemistry, biochemistry, mineralogy, medicine, physics, and related fields 




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