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Announcement - March 27, 2012

Alan Brash Lipids Paper Named "Best of 2011" By The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Congratulations to VICB member Alan Brash and his laboratory. Their paper, "Lipoxygenases Mediate the Effect of Essential Fatty Acid in Skin Barrier Formation," was honored as the "Best of 2011" manuscript in lipids by The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Every year, one JBC paper is chosen from each of 20 categories to receive this accolade. The Brash lab's paper reports the results of their experiments that reveal a critical role for two epidermal lipoxygenases in the metabolism of O-linoleoyl-ω-hydroxyceramide, a key lipid intermediate in the formation of the barrier to water loss in the skin.

View Journal of Biological Chemistry abstract and Vanderbilt News article.



 Alan Brash

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