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Announcement - January 1, 2011

Richard Armstrong Recieves Repligen Award in Chemistry of Biological Processes

Professor Richard Armstrong is the recipient of the 2011 Repligen Award in Chemistry of Biological Processes, in recognition of his contributions to our understanding of detoxification enzymes within the cell. Some of the highlights of these efforts include the determination of the first crystal structure of a glutathione transferase with glutathione bound, the elucidation of the chemical and kinetic mechanisms of epoxide hydrolases with single-turnover and rapid kinetic experiments, the first evaluation of conformational changes in integral membrane proteins (microsomal glutathione transferases and cytochrome c oxidase) by amide H/D exchange mass spectrometry, and the discovery of multiple enzymatic mechanisms for the resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to the antibiotic fosfomycin. His most recent work has been directed at the discovery of new enzyme function and extent of functional diversity in the glutathione transferase superfamily.

A hallmark of Professor Armstrong’s work has been his ability to integrate of ideas and methods from multiple scientific disciplines to illuminate the molecular basis of complex biological processes. These disciplines include physical organic chemistry, enzymology, structural biology, spectroscopy, computational chemistry, bioinformatics and more recently functional genomics. In addition to his scientific achievements Professor Armstrong has a substantial record of professional service and has been Editor-in-Chief of the journal Biochemistry since 2004. He will present a lecture as part of a symposium at the Fall 2011 American Chemical Society National Meeting.

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