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VICB Highly Cited Articles Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the first VICB Highly Cited Articles Award. This Award has been established to recognize members who have published high impact primary research articles as determined by the number of citations over a two-year period. For the 2013 award, we used Web of Science to survey all members’ publications that appeared in print during 2010. We limited the search to those original research articles for which a member served as the communicating author, and we did not consider articles that were the product of large, multi-institutional consortia.

This search yielded five articles that stood out above the rest as of December 31, 2012. The articles and their authors are listed below. Each corresponding author will receive an engraved julep cup to commemorate the accomplishment.

Billy Hudson: "Molecular Architecture of the Goodpasture Autoantigen in Anti-GBM Nephritis," Pedchenko, V, Bondar, O, Fogo, AB, Vanacore, R, Voziyan, P, Kitching, AR, Wieslander, J, Kashtan, C, Borza, DB, Neilson, EG, Wilson, CB, Hudson, BG NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, 363, 343-354 (2010)

Richard Caprioli: "Molecular Analysis of Tumor Margins by MALDI Mass Spectrometry in Renal Carcinoma," Oppenheimer, SR, Mi, DM, Sanders, ME, Caprioli, RM JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, 9, 2182-2190 (2010)

Charles Hong: "In Vivo Structure-Activity Relationship Study of Dorsomorphin Analogues Identifies Selective VEGF and BMP Inhibitors", Hao, J, Ho, JN, Lewis, JA, Karim, KA, Daniels, RN, Gentry, PR, Hopkins, CR, Lindsley, CW, Hong, CC ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, 5, 245-253 (2010)

Jeffrey Johnston: "Umpolung reactivity in amide and peptide synthesis," Shen, B, Makley, DM, Johnston, JN NATURE, 465, 1027-1032 (2010)

Dan Liebler: "Depletion of Abundant Plasma Proteins and Limitations of Plasma Proteomics," Tu, CJ, Rudnick, PA, Martinez, MY, Cheek, KL, Stein, SE, Slebos, RJC, Liebler, DC JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, 9, 4982-4991 (2010)









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