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Announcement - FEBRUARY 18, 2013

Charles Sanders Awarded 2013 Hans Neurath Award

Chuck Sanders, Professor of Biochemistry, s has been awarded (jointly with Jennifer Doudna, UC-Berkeley) the 2013 Hans Neurath Award from the Protein Society. The award recognizes "individuals who have made a recent contribution of exceptional merit to basic protein research, including, but not restricted to, the chemistry, design, folding, structure, or biological function of proteins."

Chuck has made numerous contributions to membrane protein structural biology and the application of NMR to the study of membrane protein structure and function. His work is epitomized by last year's paper in Science on the amyloid precursor protein and its avid binding of cholesterol.

Past recipients of the The Hans Neurath Award include: Johannes Buchner (2011), Wendell Lim (2010), William Eaton (2009), Robert Stroud (2008), Robert Sauer (2007), Christopher Dobson (2006), Roderick MacKinnon (2005), Carlos Bustamante (2004), James Wells (2003), Ad Bax (2002), Arthur Horwich (2001), Janet Thornton (2000), Peter Kim (1999), and Ken Dill (1998).

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