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Vanderbilt University Certificate in
Chemical Biology



Certificate program in chemical Biology


Robert Boer (Sulikowski Lab), Michael Goodman (Armstrong Lab), Michelle Mitchener (Marnett Lab), Pedro Garcia (Lindsley Lab), Katherine Chong (Sulikowski Lab), Cynthia Berry (Lindsley Lab), Brett Covington (Bachmann Lab), Susan Ramos-Hunter (Sulikowski Lab), Nichole Lareau (McLean Lab), Connor Lamberson (Porter Lab), Carl Sedgmen (Guengerich Lab), Erin Shockley (Lopez Lab; not pictured), Michelle Sulikowski (Senior Lecturer)


Brittany Allison (Meiler Lab), William Beavers (Marnett Lab), Emilianne McCranie (Bachmann Lab), Will Birmingham (Bachmann Lab), Glenna Kramer (Bachmann Lab), Brendan Dutter (Sulikowski Lab), Marta Wenzler (Sulikowski Lab), Matt O'Reilly (Lindsley Lab; not pictured)


Matthew Bryant (not pictured) – Mentor: Dr. David Wright, Chemistry
Sean DeGuire – Mentor: Dr. Gary Sulikowski, Chemistry
Adam Ketron – Mentor: Dr. Neil Osheroff, Biochemistry
Joseph Manna – Mentor: Dr. Larry Marnett, Biochemistry


Kellen Harkness – Mentors: Drs. David Cliffel and John McLean, Chemistry
Uyen Le – Mentor: Dr. Craig Lindsley, Pharmacology
Nichole Chumbler – Mentor: Dr Borden Lacy, Microbiology & Immunology
Dawn Makley – Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Johnston, Chemistry
Megan Wadington – Mentor: Dr. Richard Armstrong, Biochemistry











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