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training faculty

Thirty-five faculty members from six departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Medicine serve as mentors to students participating in the CBI training program. Links to each faculty members' home page are provided here.

Name Home Department Research Descripton
Manuel Ascano Biochemistry Post-transcriptional gene regulation in innate immunity and cellular stress
Brian O. Bachmann Chemistry Synthetic Biology, Organic Chemistry natural products, Mechanistic Enzymology
Alex Brown Pharmacology Understanding the roles of specific lipid molecular species and phospholipases in cellular functions and human disease
Richard Caprioli Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmacology Mass Spectrometry
James Cassat Pathology, Microbioloty, and Immunology Infectious disease
Walter Chazin Biochemistry Structural Cell Biology- DNA replication, recombination and repair, ubiquitination, calcium signal transduction
David Cliffel Chemistry Nanoparticle biomimics, electroanalytical chemistry, multianaltye microphysiometry
Roger Cone Molecular Physiology and
Regulation of Energy Homeostasis by the Central Nervous System; Biology of Melanocortin Peptides and Receptors
David Cortez Biochemistry Genome maintenance by the DNA damage response
Stephen Fesik Biochemistry Cancer drug discovery, fragment-based drug design, NMR, protein structure, RNAi
Frederick P. Guengerich Biochemistry Chemistry and enzymology of bioactivation and detoxication of foreign compounds
Maria Hadjifrangskou Pathology, Microbiology, & Immunology Regulatory mechnisms underlying multicellular behavior
Eva Harth Chemistry Polymer chemistry, nanomaterials chemistry
Charles Hong Pharmacology Chemical Biology of vertebrate development and stem cell differentiation
Jonathon Irish Cancer Biology Cancer Biology, translational research in human cancer and immunology
Tina Iverson Pharmacology Investigation of transmembrane signaling processes, and development of methods for membrane protein crystallography
Jeff Johnston Chemistry Synthetic methodology
Borden Lacy Microbiology and Immunology Host-Pathogen Interactions--Structural biology of bacterial protein toxins and their host interactions
Craig Lindsley Pharmacology Drug discovery and medicinal chemistry
Carlos Lopez Cancer Biology Theory, modeling, and simulation of proteins, protein-protein interactions, and signaling pathways to study their implications in cancer development and identify therapeutic targets using a computational systems biology approach.
Jason MacGurn Cell and Developmental Biology Cell surface remodeling
Larry Marnett Biochemistry Cyclooxygenase-2 structure and function; chemistry and biology of DNA damage-dependent mutagenesis and signaling
Hassane Mchaourab Molecular Physiology and
Structural and dynamic basis of protein function with focus on proteins that are involved in diseases
John McLean Chemistry Bioanalytial and biophysical chemistry
Jens Meiler Chemistry Computational structural biochemistry
Gregor Neuert Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Quantitative and predictive understanding of dynamics in signal transduction and gene regulation of coding and non-coding RNA in single cells.
Ryoma Ohi Cell and Developmental Biology Animal cell division, microtubule cytoskeleton
Neil Osheroff Biochemistry Function and biology of DNA topoisomerases
Carmelo Rizzo Chemistry Chemistry and biology of DNA damage
Sandy Rosenthal Chemistry Nanocrystals, solar cells, and solid-state lighting
Kevin Schey Biochemistry Proteomics analysis in development and disease; mass spectrometry technology development
Claus Schneider Pharmacology Biochemistry of lipid signaling
Eric Skaar Microbiology and Immunology Host-Pathogen Interactions--Nutrient acquisition during the pathogenesis of bacterial infections
Gary Sulikowski Chemistry Total synthesis of complex natural products
Michelle Sulikowski Chemistry Education
David Tabb Biochemistry Identification of peptide or lipid mixtures via tandem mass spectrometry
Steve Townsend Chemistry Chemical Biology
Dave Weaver Pharmacology Discovery and characterization of novel chemical tools
David Wright Chemistry Bioinorganic and biomaterials chemistry













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