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Leadership committees

Committee Title and Purpose
Committee Members
Student Recruitment, Review, and Selection (SRRS) Review and recommend CBI nominees to Program Director (Spring) and review progress of trainees toward Chemical Biology Certification (completion of programmatic requirements and progress toward PhD requirements (Fall).
  Michelle Sulikowski (VICB Director of Education)
Brian Bachmann (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
David Cliffel (Chemistry and Pediatrics)
Tina Iverson (Phamacology)
Jens Meiler (Chemistry and Pharmacology)
Walter Chazin (Biochemistry and Chemistry)
Hassane Mchaorab (DGS CPB Program, MPBB)
Amanda Renick (VICB Education Specialist)
Education and Career Development (ECD)
Recommend and review course offerings. Recommend faculty- and peer-led workshops and associated career development activities. The committee meets once in the summer prior to the academic year.
  Hassane Mchaorab (DGS CPB Program, MPBB)
Carmelo Rizzo (DGS Chemistry)
Craig Lindsley (Pharmacology)
David Cortez (DGS Biochemistry)
Michelle Sulikowski (VICB Director of Education)
Two Students (Chemistry and Biological)
Amanda Renick (VICB Education Specialist)
Chemical Biology Association of Students (CBAS)
Plan social activities and recommend professional development and scientific workshops. Organize VICB Annual Symposium. The CBAS committee currently meets on a monthly basis.
  Glenna Kramer (Chemistry, Bachmann)
Adam Ketron (CPB, Osheroff)
Will Beavers (Chemistry, Marnett)
Matt O’Reilly (Chemistry, Lindsley)
Dan Hermanson (Chemistry, Marnett)
Aleksandra Baranczak (Chemistry, Sulikowski)
Will Birmingham (Biochemistry, Bachmann)
Michelle Sulikowski (Faculty Advisor)
Anne Lara (Financial Advisor)
Amanda Renick (VICB Education Specialist)
VICB Executive Committee
Provide leadership in areas critical to chemical biology research and education. Meets every two months.
  Larry Marnett (Director, VICB)
Michelle Sulikowski (Education)
Brian Bachmann (Molecular Discovery)
Eric Skaar (Therapeutic & Translation)
Alex Brown (Systems Analysis)
Gary Sulikowski (Synthetic Chemistry)
VICB External Advisory Committee
Annual review of the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology.
  Cythia Burrows (University of Utah)
Ben Cravatt (The Scripps Research Institute)
Michael Marletta (The Scripps Research Institute)
Paul Wender (Stanford University)



















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