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Chemical Biology Association of Students (CBAS)



CBAS Constitution

Article I: Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be “CBAS” (Chemical Biology Association of Students)

Article II:  Purpose of the Organization

It shall be the purpose of CBAS to promote professional and social relationships between students and post-doctoral fellows in the chemical biology discipline. 

Article III:  Membership

Section A: Membership Eligibility
Membership is open to all Vanderbilt University graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are a member of a lab associated with the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology.  Undergraduate students in their senior year will be considered for membership provided they are a member of a Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology lab.

Section B: Academic Standing
Members must be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA) as well as in good judicial standing.

Section C: Diversity Statement
Membership in this organization is open to all meeting the above criteria, irrespective of race, creed, color, gender, class, age, nation of origin, nationality, disability, marital status, religion, veteran status, or sexual orientation, religion or lack thereof.

Article IV: Executive Board

Section A:  Governing Body
CBAS shall be governed by a president and an executive board consisting of no less than 4, but no more than 8 members.

Section B:  Term of Office
The term of office shall be from May 2011 to May 2012

Section C: Selecting Executive Board
The executive board will be selected through a self-nomination process.  At least two weeks notice will be given to collect self-nominations before the executive board is assembled.  Members of the executive board will only be eligible to serve for two consecutive years, unless there are not four eligible self-nominations for members willing to serve on the board.  In the case that more than eight self-nominations are received for executive board positions, the current executive board will vote to determine who will serve on the board.  The president will be a member of the executive board, nominated by the executive board.  The executive board will be assembled annually in May.      
Section D: Removal of Executive Board Members
Any member of the executive board may be removed from the executive board by a two-thirds vote of the executive board.  Said executive board member shall be considered reinstated with two-thirds approval of the executive board.

Article V: Executive Board Duties

Section A:  The President
1. The president shall be the chief executive board member
2. The president, with approval of the executive board, directs the budget
3. The president will be responsible for ensuring all bills get paid and will be keep a current
record of all financial transactions. 
4. The president will keep and have available current copies of the constitution and bylaws.

Section B:  The Executive Board

  1. The executive board will serve as the main governing body of the organization
  2. The executive board will be responsible for planning events
  3. Members of the executive board will have the option of serving on planning committees
  4. No less than four, but no more than eight members will serve on the executive board at one time.

Section C:  Advisor
1. The advisor shall assist the group in their execution of roles and responsibilities.
2. The advisor shall provide feedback to the organization regarding its operation and
3. The advisor shall serve as a resource.
4. The advisor should provide advice upon request, and also should share knowledge, expertise, and experience with the group.
5. The advisor will be a nonvoting member of the organization.

Article VI: Meetings

Section A: Regularly Scheduled Meetings 
Regularly scheduled meetings shall be biweekly, Friday at 9:00 AM as needed.

Section B:  Notice for Meetings
At least 7 days notice shall be given for each regular business meeting.

Section C: Notice for Emergency Meetings 
Special or emergency meetings may be called with less than two days notice by the executive board.

Section D: Quorum
The meetings shall include a quorum of two-thirds of the executive board present, order of business, and disposition of the minutes.

Section E: Attendance of Members
Although meetings will be open to general members of the organization, they are not required to attend.

Article VII: Committees

Section A: Serving on a committee
The executive board may be broken down into committees for event planning purposes.  Membership on these committees will be by self-nomination of members serving on the executive board. Committees shall include, but are not limited to, a professional event planning committee and a social event planning committee.

Section B: Committee Duties
The duties of the committees will be to plan social and professional events with the assistance of the executive board.  A self-nominated committee chair will serve as the “go-to” person during these events.

Article VIII – Parliamentary Procedure

Section A:  Parliamentary Procedure
Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall be followed by the organization in all cases involving parliamentary procedure when it does not conflict with the constitution.

Section B: Suspension of Parliamentary Procedure
The rules may be suspended by two-thirds vote of the executive board.

Article IX - Amendments

The constitution is binding to all members of CBAS but is not binding unto itself.  Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any member of CBAS at any meeting at which quorum is met.  There amendments will be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the executive board.  Proposed amendments will become effective following the approval of two-thirds vote of the executive board. 











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