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training Opportunities

Chemical Biology In Your Future?
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Graduate Student Training
There are four graduate admission programs to choose from.
Postdoctoral Training
Contact VICB members directly to inquire about upcoming positions.
Undergraduate Research
View research opportunities for Vanderbilt students and all undergraduates.
Education Programs
Chemical Biology Interface (CBI), Certificate Program in Chemical Biology,Chemical Biology Association of Students (CBAS), Summer Undergraduate Research (REU), and Student Resources


Research spans a broad range of interests and is characterized by interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches.
The VICB boasts over 70 faculty members, with appointments in 18 departments.
Core Facilities
The VICB has some of the most
comprehensive and state-of-the-art support core facilities in the nation.
The Scripps Research Institute
Vanderbilt / Leipzig University
Vanderbilt Center for Antibiotic Discovery


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